Manchester, Kemsley Newspapers Ltd., Thomson House, Withy Grove

Now located at The Print Works, Withy Grove

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Kemsley Newspapers - Memorial
Image Copyright: Mike Berrell

Kemsley Newspapers - Detail
Image Copyright: Mike Berrell

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World War 2
BARKERT HComposing Dept.
BARLOWSAccounts Dept.
BEAUMONTA WCirculation Dept.
BRADSHAWA NTransport Dept.
BURGESSCMachine Dept.
BURROWSTPublishing Dept.
CARPENTERAEditorial Dept.
CHADWICKJAccounts Dept.
CLAYTONGMachine Dept.
CLEATONJ B SLinotype Dept.
COPE HPublishing Dept.
DALEJPublishing Dept.
DAVIESWMaintenance Dept.
DAWSONA GEditorial Dept.
DIXONAMachine Dept.
DODSONG DStoke On Trent Branch
EVERATTG HEditorial Dept.
HEWITTJTransport Dept.
HOWARDA CEditorial Dept.
JOWETTLStereo Dept.
KEDIERTransport Dept.
LEAHYJ SStereo Dept.
LORDAWigan Branch
LOWEYW HStereo Dept.
NAYLOREMachine Dept.
QUINNJTransport Dept.
RADCLIFFEHComposing Dept.
RAMSEYEAccounts Dept.
RATTRAYAPublishing Dept.
READMLinotype Dept.
RIMMERE WSouthport Branch
RISBYJMaintenance Dept.
ROBINSONJ JEditorial Dept.
TEEA WEditorial Dept.
VICKERSG HEditorial Dept.
WILLIAMSILiverpool Branch
WOODHEADBEditorial Dept.

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