Manchester, Victoria Park, St. Anselm's Hall of Residence, WW2

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St. Anselm's Hall, Hall of Residence, WW2
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In Memoriam
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Short Course Service Students
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World War 2
ALLENRoy CharlesLieutenantRoyal Engineers
APPLETONGeoffrey KennethSecond LieutenantRoyal Engineers
BEECHJack StearSergeant
BLAYLOCKDavidSapperRoyal Engineers
DISBURYGeoffrey FrancisPilot Officer106 Squadron
FEWINGSGerald Lieutenant
GRAVESKenneth CostallLieutenantRoyal Armoured Corps
GRIFFITHSJohn MaldwynGunnerRoyal Artillery
HARRISONFrederick J.SignalmanRoyal Corps of Signals
HOOPERHubert CharlesLieutenantRoyal Corps of Signals
JORDAANHendrik JohanRoyal Dutch Naval Air Service
KENNERDonald JamesCorporalRoyal Corps of Signals
LILLINGTONDavid Flying Officer
LIVERPeter CorporalRoyal Corps of Signals
MILLERRaymond HerbertPilot Officer
O'BRIENWilliam Thomas JamesFlying Officer
RATCLIFFEGeorge ArthurPilot Officer218 Squadron
STAMPERFrederick JohnSub-LieutenantH.M.S. Indomitable
THYEREdwin CharlesFlight Lieutenant178 Squadron
WARBURTONGuy Gordon JohnLeading Airman
WETHERELLSydneyFlight LieutenantMedical Officer
WOODThomas MarineH.M.S. Dorsetshire
WOODSPeter HenryLieutenantRoyal Armoured Corps

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