Dukinfield, Newton Wood, corner of Victoria St. and Wood St., WW1

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Dukinfield, Newton Wood Memorial
Image Copyright: Joan Secker Wlodarczyk

Names, Face 1 (top)
Image Copyright: Joan Secker Wlodarczyk

Names, Face 1 (bottom)
Image Copyright: Joan Secker Wlodarczyk

Names, Face 2 (top)
Image Copyright: Joan Secker Wlodarczyk

Names, Face 2 (bottom)
Image Copyright: Joan Secker Wlodarczyk

Names, Face 3 (top)
Image Copyright: Joan Secker Wlodarczyk

Names, Face 3 (bottom)
Image Copyright: Joan Secker Wlodarczyk

Names, Face 4 (top)
Image Copyright: Joan Secker Wlodarczyk

Names, Face 4 (bottom)
Image Copyright: Joan Secker Wlodarczyk

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World War 1
ADAMSEPteKings Liverpool Reg
ALLCOCKCDvrManchester Regiment
ALLCOCKTPteCheshire Regiment
ALLCOCKW PteCheshire Regiment
ARNOLDL PteLiverpool Scottish Reg
ASHTONW PteRoyal Army Medical Corps
BACONA HPteCheshire Regiment
BACONA WPteManchester Regiment
BACONF JPteManchester Regiment
BANKSGPteManchester Regiment
BARBERW EPteManchester Regiment
BARNESCSadlrRoyal Field Artillery
BARRATTHGunrRoyal Garrison Artillery
BARRATTOGunrRoyal Garrison Artillery
BARRATTPCplLancashire Fusiliers
BATTYAPteRoyal Welsh Fusiliers
BATTYHPteRoyal Army Medical Corps
BATTYPPteRoyal Welsh Fusiliers
BEAUMOUNTEPteCheshire Regiment
BEAUMOUNTW PteManchester Regiment
BESWICKGGunrRoyal Garrison Artillery
BEVANP1st Cls StkrRoyal Navy
BINNEYHLce CplManchester Regiment
BINNIEJ PteKings Liverpool Reg
BIRCHALLPDvrRoyal Field Artillery
BLANDJ WPteManchester Regiment
BLAZEGPteKings Own Royal Lancs Reg
BLAZETPteManchester Regiment
BOOTHGSaprRoyal Engineers
BOOTHHPteCheshire Regiment
BOWNFlt SgtRoyal Flying Corps
BRADBURNAPteRoyal Flying Corps
BRADBURNJ Semn.Royal Navy
BRADBURNW PteCheshire Regiment
BRADBURYSScnlrLancashire Fusiliers
BROCKLEBANKRGrdsmnWelsh Guards
BROWNPPteCheshire Regiment
BROWNRPteManchester Regiment
BROWNW PteManchester Regiment
BUCKLEYAPteManchester Regiment
BUCKLEYJ HBuglrRoyal Engineers
BUCKLEYT APteArmy Service Corps
BURGESSCPteRoyal Army Medical Corps
BURKEW PteKings Liverpool Reg
BYRNEEPteWest Yorkshire Regiment
CADMANJ PteManchester Regiment
CADWALLENDERF PteEast Lancashire Regiment
CALVERTW SgtManchester Regiment
CARTERS PteManchester Regiment
CARTWRIGHTAPteKings Own Royal Lancs Reg
CARTWRIGHTC2nd A.C.M.Royal Air Force
CAWLEYRPteRoyal Welsh Fusiliers
CLAYTONH PteHertfordshire Reg
CLIFTRA CplManchester Regiment
CLOUGHTRflmnRifle Brigade
COLDWELLF Lc CplNew Zealand Forces
COLDWELLRPteRoyal Army Ordinance Corps
COLDWELLW A.M.Royal Naval Air Service
COLEMANASaprRoyal Engineers
COLLIERR LCplRifle Brigade
COLLINSTDvrRoyal Field Artillery
COOPLANDV IPteRoyal Army Medical Corps
CRITCHLEYTPteManchester Regiment
CRITCHLEYT PteMortor Machine Gun Corps
CRITCHLOWJ CplRoyal Engineers
CROSBYE GnrRoyal Garrison Artillery
DALEJ GunrRoyal Field Artillery
DEVLINJ GnrRoyal Garrison Artillery
DIXONJ PteLancashire Fusiliers
DIXONW JSgtKings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment
DOYLEJ PteRoyal Infantry Training Reserve
DRURYAPteCheshire Regiment
DRURYE PteKings Own Scottish Borderers
DRURYHPteCheshire Regiment
DRURYJ TPteRoyal Flying Corps
EARLEYW PteManchester Regiment
EAVESJ S.B.S.Royal Navy
ETCHELLSJ BandsmanOxford & Bucks Regiment
FAGANW PteKings Liverpool Reg
FLETCHERA PPteRoyal Fusiliers
FLETCHERE EDvrRoyal Garrison Artillery
FLETCHERJ APteCheshire Regiment
FORDAPteRoyal Infantry Training Reserve
FROSTH CLce. CplRoyal Scots
GARDNERESaprRoyal Engineers
GASKILLA PteGrenadier Guards
GASKILLM HPteCheshire Regiment
GOODMANEPteNotts & Derby Regiment
GREENHCplArmy Service Corps Motor Transport
HANDEPteCheshire Regiment
HANDF PteArmy Service Corps Motor Transport
HANDJ PteCameron Highlanders
HANDTPteSouth Wales Borderers
HARDMANJ APteCheshire Regiment
HARTLEYF PteSouth Lancashire Regiment
HATHAWAYMSadlrRoyal Field Artillery
HATHAWAYVSgtCheshire Regiment
HAWKINSW Band SgtManchester Regiment
HEGGINBOTHAMW PteMachine Gun Corps
HELSHAWRLce CplLancashire Fusiliers
HERODJ PteManchester Regiment
HIBBERTHPteColdstream Guards
HIGGINBOTHAMJ PteMiddlesex Regiment
HIGGINBOTHOMF PteVeterinary Corps
HILTONPPteCheshire Regiment
HODSONCPteRoyal Welsh Fusiliers
HOOLEYF PteMonmouthshire Reg
HOPWOODCPteRoyal Engineers
HOPWOODW PteSouth Wales Borderers
HOWARDTPteManchester Regiment
HOWARDW 2nd A.C.M.Royal Air Force
JACKSONJ HPteManchester Regiment
JONESG JPteCheshire Regiment
JONESTPteArmy Service Corps
JUPPJ WPteMiddlesex Regiment
KEMPW PteLoyal North Lancs Reg
KENNWORTHYTDvrRoyal Army Service Corps
KENWORTHYHPteLancashire Fusiliers
KENWORTHYH PteLancashire Fusiliers
KENWORTHYRSgtManchester Regiment
KENYONHDvrRoyal Engineers
KIRBYEE.R.A.Royal Navy
KIRKLANDHPteManchester Regiment
KIRKPATRICKHPteCheshire Regiment
KIRKPATRICKJ SaprRoyal Engineers
LAWLESSRPteRoyal Army Service Corps
LAWTONGChf.Ptt.Ofr.Royal Navy
LAWTONSW/TH M Mercantile Marine
LEESPteCheshire Regiment
LEETPteCheshire Regiment
MAIDMENTHPteRoyal Welsh Fusiliers
MAYALLJ PteManchester Regiment
McPHERSONJ WGunrMortor Machine Gun Corps
MELLINGR APteCheshire Regiment
MILLERAGunrRoyal Field Artillery
MILLERF SgtRoyal Garrison Artillery
MITCHELLHPteCheshire Regiment
MITCHELLHPteManchester Regiment
MOORESF GunrRoyal Field Artillery
MURPHYJ PteRoyal Field Artillery
MYCOCKF PteManchester Regiment
MYERSK APteRoyal Army Medical Corps
OGDENJ Lce CplKings Liverpool Reg
PARRYJ PteRoyal Dragoons
PARRYJ SPteCheshire Regiment
PARRYJ WPteRoyal Army Medical Corps
PEARSONHPteQueens Own York Dragoons
PEARSONW PteCheshire Regiment
PHILLIPSEPteArmy Ordnance Corps
PHILLIPSJ PteRoyal Scots Fusiliers
PINDERBPteCheshire Regiment
PINDERW PteCheshire Regiment
PLATTT BDvrArmy Service Corps Motor Transport
POTTSJ HPteBorder Regiment
PRIDHAMJ SgtManchester Regiment
REDFERNW PteCheshire Regiment
RIDERIPteNorthumberland Fusiliers
ROBINSONF CplArmy Service Corps Motor Transport
ROBINSONHPteRoyal Flying Corps
ROBINSONHDvrRoyal Field Artillery
ROBINSONW A.M.Royal Naval Air Service
ROWBOTHAMF GunrRoyal Field Artillery
ROYDSHPteKings Liverpool Reg
RUSSELLW CplRoyal Flying Corps
SECKERE Lce CplCheshire Regiment
SECKERJ E2nd AMRoyal Air Force
SELLARSA HPteManchester Regiment
SHAWJ Lce CplCheshire Regiment
SHAWTPteRoyal Army Medical Corps
SHUTTLEWORTHJ PteManchester Regiment
SHUTTLEWORTHJ PteCheshire Regiment
SIMMSEPteRoyal Engineers
SIMMSECplRoyal Marine Light Infantry
SIMMSGPteRoyal Infantry Training Reserve
SIMPSONR3rd Ar Mhic Royal Flying Corps
SIMPSONW SaprRoyal Engineers
SINGLETONA1ST Cls Sigmn Royal Navy
SISSONSE PteWelsh Cyclist Division
SISSONSF PteRoyal Navy
SISSONSG WPteManchester Regiment
SISSONSHPteRoyal Army Medical Corps
SMITHEPteRoyal Welsh Fusiliers
SMITHJ PteManchester Regiment
STONESW PteMachine Gun Corps
SWINDLLESTPteRoyal Warwichshire Regiment
TAYLORCPteManchester Regiment
TAYLORHPteLancashire Fusiliers
TAYLORPPteManchester Regiment
TAYLORSPteRoyal Fusiliers
TAYLORW HM.S.SgtArmy Service Corps Motor Transport
THACKWELLJ PteManchester Regiment
TRAVISAPteKings Liverpool Reg
TRAVISEPteRoyal Engineers
UTTLEYEPteArmy Service Corps Motor Transport
UTTLEYF WCplRoyal Engineers
UTTLEYJ EPteArmy Service Corps Motor Transport
UTTLEYTCplRoyal Engineers
VINCENTW PteRoyal Welsh Fusiliers
WALKERJ GunrRoyal Garrison Artillery
WALKERSCplRoyal Flying Corps
WALKERW Lce CplManchester Regiment
WALTONJ PteManchester Regiment
WALTONW PteManchester Regiment
WHITELYJ WPteSouth Lancashire Regiment
WOODCCplManchester Regiment
WOODC WPteCheshire Regiment
WOODGPteKings Shropshire Light Infantry
WOODJ DvrRoyal Army Service Corps
WOODJ DvrRoyal Field Artillery
WOODJ GunrRoyal Field Artillery
YOUNGAPteRoyal Scots

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