Atherton War Memorial, Junction of Leigh Road & Hamilton Street

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Atherton War Memorial
Image Copyright: Mike Berrell

Atherton War Memorial WW1 Panel 1
Image Copyright: Mike Berrell

Atherton War Memorial WW1 Panel 1 - Names
Image Copyright: Mike Berrell

Atherton War Memorial WW1 Panel 2
Image Copyright: Mike Berrell

Atherton War Memorial WW1 Panel 2 - Names
Image Copyright: Mike Berrell

Atherton War Memorial WW1 Panel 3
Image Copyright: Mike Berrell

Atherton War Memorial WW1 Panel 3 - Names
Image Copyright: Mike Berrell

Atherton War Memorial WW1 Panel 4
Image Copyright: Mike Berrell

Atherton War Memorial WW1 Panel 4 - Names
Image Copyright: Mike Berrell

Atherton War Memorial WW2 Panel 1
Image Copyright: Mike Berrell

Atherton War Memorial WW2 Panel 2
Image Copyright: Mike Berrell

Atherton War Memorial WW2 Panel 3
Image Copyright: Mike Berrell

Atherton War Memorial WW2 Panel 4
Image Copyright: Mike Berrell

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World War 1
ALLDREDJamesPte.The Manchester Regiment
ANDERSONC EPte.The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
ANDERSONJohnPte.The Manchester Regiment
ANDERTONE BPte.The Border Regiment
ASHALLThomasPte.The King's Shropshire Light Infantry
ATKINSONA EPte.The Welch Regiment
BAILEYJ TPte.The York & Lancaster Regiment
BANDYA EPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
BANDYJPte.The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
BANKSAPte.The Cheshire Regiment
BANKSAPte.The Manchester Regiment
BANKSJPte.The Manchester Regiment
BANKSJPte.The Cheshire Regiment
BANNISTERP JPte.The Cheshire Regiment
BARLOWWPte.The Manchester Regiment
BARNESDonaldPte.King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
BARNESJosephCpl.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
BARNESOliverBmdr.Royal Field Artillery
BARNESRossPte.The Rifle Brigade
BARNISHSPte.The Manchester Regiment
BATEWilliamSpr.Corps of Royal Engineers
BATTENHarryPte.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
BATTERSBYJamesDvr.Royal Field Artillery
BATTERSBYJohnPte.The Manchester Regiment
BATTERSBYJosephPte.The Royal Welch Fusiliers
BAXENDALERSgt.The Manchester Regiment
BETHELADvr.Royal Army Service Corps (Motor Transport)
BIBLEFrankPte.The King's Own Scottish Borderers
BLAKEMOREGPte.The Manchester Regiment
BLEARSAlbertPte.The King's Own Scottish Borderers
BLEARSWSgt.The Lancashire Fusiliers
BOWDLERHenryPte.The King's Own Scottish Borderers
BOWEW JPte.The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
BOYDELLWilliamGnr.Royal Garrison Artillery
BRACEGIRDLERPte.The King's Shropshire Light Infantry
BRETTJackPte.The Border Regiment
BROWNFredPte.The Northumberland Fusiliers
BROWNHarry LSpr.Corps of Royal Engineers
BROWNLukePte.The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster )
BUCKLEYJ HPte.The King's Own Scottish Borderers
BULLOUGHJamesLt.Royal Air Force
BURKETPte.The Leinster Regiment
CAMMIESJPte.The Northumberland Fusiliers
CHADWICKGPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
CHARLESTONRPte.The Cheshire Regiment
CHARLSONJPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
CHARLSONJPte.The Border Regiment
CHARNOCKThomasPte.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
CHORLEYT MSgt.The Lancashire Fusiliers (Trench Mortar Battalion)
CLAYFrankCpl.The Manchester Regiment
CLAYReubenPte.The Border Regiment
CLEWESWilliamPte.The Royal Welch Fusiliers
CLIFTAlbertGnr.Royal Field Artillery
CLIFTWPte.The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
COLCLOUGHJPte.The Lincolnshire Regiment
COOKHerbertDvr.Royal Field Artillery
COOPERMosesPte.The Manchester Regiment
CROMPTONEPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
CULLENThomasPte.The Manchester Regiment
DAVIESTPte.The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster )
DAWSONGeorgePte.The Manchester Regiment
DEWHURSTAL/Cpl.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
DICKINSONHPte.The South Lancashire Regiment
DICKINSONWL/Cpl.The Lancashire Fusiliers
DUTTONJ CPte.The Manchester Regiment
EAMESAlfredPte.The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster )
EDGEAlfredPte.Royal Army Medical Corps
EDGEEdwinPte.The Manchester Regiment
EDGEFrankDvr.Royal Garrison Artillery
EDGEG EPte.The Manchester Regiment
EDGEGeorgePte.Royal Army Medical Corps
EDGEThomasPte.The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
EDWARDSG HPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
FAIRBROTHERFredAir Mech.Royal Air Force
FARNWORTHFredPte.The Manchester Regiment
FARRIMONDJohnPte.The Manchester Regiment
FARRINGTONCGnr.Royal Field Artillery
FARRINGTONTL/Cpl.Seaforth Highlanders
FEARNHEADLewisBmdr.Royal Garrison Artillery
FISHERFredPte.The Manchester Regiment
FISHERGeorgePte.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
FISHERJosephPte.The Border Regiment
FLETCHERWalterPte.The Manchester Regiment
FLITCROFTRPte.The Manchester Regiment
FLITCROFTWPte.The Cheshire Regiment
FOSTERJohnPte.The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster )
FRANCER BPte.The Manchester Regiment
FULLILOVEWPte.The East Lancashire Regiment
GANDYJ WPte.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
GARSWOODEdwardPte.The Manchester Regiment
GARSWOODGeorgePte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
GERRARDFrankPte.The Border Regiment
GILLJamesL/Cpl.The King's Own Scottish Borderers
GLOVERAlbertCpl.The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster )
GOREHarryDvr.Royal Field Artillery
GORERobertPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
GORSEJamesPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
GREENWilliamPte.The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment
GREENFIELDLPte.Machine Gun Corps (D.C.M.)
GREGORYJL/Cpl.The Royal Dublin Fusileers
GREGORYJamesPte.The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
GREGORYJohnPte.The Manchester Regiment
GREGSONWPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
GRIFFITHST HPte.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
GRIMEHerbertPte.The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster )
GRUNDYDavidPte.The Royal Hussars
GRUNDYFredL/Cpl.The Manchester Regiment
GRUNDYJ EPte.The Leicestershire Regiment
HAGANFrankSgt.The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
HALLRalphPte.The Manchester Regiment
HALLWilliamPte.The Manchester Regiment
HALLIWELLEPte.The East Lancashire Regiment
HALLIWELLJPte.The Royal Welch Fusiliers
HAMERJamesCpl.Seaforth Highlanders
HAMPSONJohnSgt.The Manchester Regiment
HAMPSONJohnPte.The Royal Fusiliers
HANDLEYWCpl.Machine Gun Corps (D.C.M.)
HANKINSONJPte.The King's Own Scottish Borderers
HANKINSONSPte.Seaforth Highlanders
HARRISONCPnr.Corps of Royal Engineers
HARRISONFDvr.The East Lancashire Regiment
HARRISONWPte.The Manchester Regiment
HEALEYFPte.The Manchester Regiment
HEATONBGnr.Royal Field Artillery
HEATONCPte.The Manchester Regiment
HEATONJPte.The Manchester Regiment
HEATONPPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
HENNAGHANJPte.The Border Regiment
HERRODJPte.The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
HIGSONPPte.The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster )
HIGSONWPte.The Manchester Regiment
HILTONASgt.The Manchester Regiment
HILTONJL/Cpl.The Manchester Regiment
HILTONJ HPte.The King's Own Scottish Borderers
HILTONLCpl.The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster )
HILTONPPte.The Border Regiment
HILTONTPte.The Manchester Regiment
HINDLEYSPte.The King's Shropshire Light Infantry
HOCKJCpl.The Royal Welch Fusiliers
HODKINSONFL/Cpl.The Manchester Regiment
HODKINSONJ WPte.The North Staffordshire Regiment
HODSONJamesPte.The Manchester Regiment
HOLLINGSWORHAPte.The Manchester Regiment
HOLLOWAYGeorgePte.Australian Imperial Force
HOLMANF JCpl.The Lancashire Fusiliers
HOLTJamesGnr.Royal Field Artillery
HOUGHTONHPte.The Royal Fusiliers
HOWARTHJ HPte.The Manchester Regiment
HOWCROFTCGnr.Royal Field Artillery
HOWCROFTEPte.The Royal Welch Fusiliers
HOWCROFTRGnr.Royal Field Artillery
HUGHESJPte.The Royal Welch Fusiliers
HUGHESJ SDvr.Royal Field Artillery
HULSEErnestL/Cpl.The King's Own Scottish Borderers
HUNTJamesPte.The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster )
HUTCHINSONAPte.The South Wales Borderers
ISHERWOODRSgt.Seaforth Highlanders
IVEYJosephPte.The Cheshire Regiment
JACKSONJPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
JACKSONJPte.Machine Gun Corps
JAMESONWPte.The East Lancashire Regiment
JOHNSONJSig.The King's Own Scottish Borderers
JONESE OSig.The King's Shropshire Light Infantry
JONESJohnPte.The Manchester Regiment
JONESW BPte.The Manchester Regiment
JORDANJamesPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
JUMPJosephPte.The Manchester Regiment
KAYJamesL/Cpl.Australian Imperial Force
KEEGANJPte.The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster )
KELLEHERJPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
KENDRICKWPte.The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
KENWRIGHTHPte.The East Lancashire Regiment
KITCHELLWPte.The King's Own Scottish Borderers
KNOWLESHarryPte.The Manchester Regiment
KNOWLESJPte.The Cheshire Regiment
KNOWLESJ RPte.Grenadier Guards
KNOWLESJ WPte.The Cheshire Regiment
LAKINW BPte.The Royal Welch Fusiliers
LALLEYWilliamPte.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
LANCASTERJPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
LARGEG EGnr.Royal Garrison Artillery
LEATHERJ HCpl.The Royal Fusiliers
LEEFredPte.The Manchester Regiment (M.M.)
LEEHerbertSig.The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
LEEJamesPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
LEEJosephPte.The Manchester Regiment
LEEThomasPte.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
LEWISArthurSgt.The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster )
LEWISSPte.The Somerset Light Infantry
LIVESEYJPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
LLOYDJ RPte.Royal Army Service Corps
LOMAXJSgt.The Manchester Regiment
LOMAXJ SPte.The Royal Welch Fusiliers
LOMAXWCpl.The Lincolnshire Regiment
LYNCHErnestPte.The Manchester Regiment
LYONWalterCpl.The Manchester Regiment
LYTHGOEAPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
LYTHGOEFPte.Royal Air Force
MANNJamesDvr.Royal Field Artillery
MARSHPeterPte.The East Yorkshire Regiment
MARSHR EPte.The Manchester Regiment
MARTINGALET HSpr.Corps of Royal Engineers
MATHERJohnPte.The King's Own Scottish Borderers
MCKEIGUEML/Cpl.Connaught Rangers
MERGAF WPte.Royal Army Medical Corps
MIDDLEHURSTJ TPte.The Manchester Regiment
MILLINGTONAL/Cpl.The Manchester Regiment
MILLSJamesPte.The Manchester Regiment
MOLYNEAUXHL/Cpl.The Lancashire Fusiliers
MOORESJ HPte.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
MORTFredPte.Royal Army Medical Corps
MORTJohnPte.The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster )
MORTSamuelPte.The York & Lancaster Regiment
MULLINEAUXT HPte.The Lincolnshire Regiment
MULLINGERFPte.The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
NANCARROWAPte.The East Lancashire Regiment
NANCARROWRPte.The Royal Welch Fusiliers
NAYLORJosephPte.The Manchester Regiment
NOWELLGeorgePte.The Manchester Regiment
NOWELLHarryPte.Machine Gun Corps
NUTALLJ SGnr.Royal Field Artillery
ORMERODDoctorPte.Canadian Infantry
ORMERODWPte.Royal Field Artillery
ORMRODHaroldPte.Machine Gun Corps
OWENAlbertPte.Army Catering Corps
OWENSamuelPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
PALMERGeorgeA.S.Royal Navy
PARKESWilliamPte.The Manchester Regiment
PARKINSONJRfe.The King's Royal Rifle Corps
PARKINSONJL/Cpl.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
PARRYEdwardPte.The South Wales Borderers
PARTINGTONJas SPte.The York & Lancaster Regiment
PARTINGTONJno SPte.The York & Lancaster Regiment
PARTINGTONM RPte.The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
PEACOCKT HPte.The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
PEMBERTONJDvr.Royal Field Artillery
PENDLEBURYVPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
PENKETHMANJ HSgt.The Manchester Regiment
POMFRETG ECpl.Machine Gun Corps
POVAHWilliamPte.The Manchester Regiment
PRESCOTTJ BPte.The Royal Welch Fusiliers
PRICEEdwardPte.The Manchester Regiment
PRICERobertPte.Irish Guards
RHODESJ WPte.The Manchester Regiment
RICHARDSJohnPte.The Manchester Regiment
RICHARDSTSgt.The York & Lancaster Regiment
RICKUSThomasPte.The Cheshire Regiment
RIGBYJamesPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
RILEYWilliamPte.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
ROBERTSJohnPte.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
ROBINSONCL/Cpl.The Royal Fusiliers
ROBINSONHPte.The Cheshire Regiment
ROGERSPercyL/Sgt.The Manchester Regiment
ROUGHLEYAPte.The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
RUDDHenryCpl.The Manchester Regiment
RYDERPte.The Welch Regiment
SALEJames MPte.Machine Gun Corps
SANKEYJamesPte.The Manchester Regiment
SEDDONGeorgeO.S.Royal Navy
SEDDONJosephL/Cpl.The Wiltshire Regiment
SHAWAlbertPte.The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster )
SHAWT HPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
SHUFFLEBOTHOMAPte.Royal Army Service Corps
SIDLOWEdwardPte.The East Yorkshire Regiment
SKITTRichardGnr.Royal Field Artillery
SMETHURSTJ AL/Cpl.The Manchester Regiment
SMITHAaronPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
SMITHAlbertPte.The Tyneside Scottish
SMITHCalebPte.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
SMITHH OPte.Australian Imperial Force
SMITHJosephPte.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
SMITHRobertPte.The Manchester Regiment
SMITHT BRfe.The King's Royal Rifle Corps
SMITHThomasPte.The Manchester Regiment
SMITHThomasPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
SMITHWilliamPte.Corps of Royal Engineers
SNELSONJ TSpr.Corps of Royal Engineers
STEWARTJohnPte.Scots Guards
STRICKLANDJ TCpl.Grenadier Guards
STRINGERJ WCpl.The Manchester Regiment
SWEENEYThomasPte.The Manchester Regiment
TONGEHerbertPte.The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster )
TOOTLEErnestPte.Machine Gun Corps
TOPPINGErnestCpl.Royal Air Force
TRAFFORDNA/M.The Northamptonshire Regiment
TUMBLETYJosephPte.The East Yorkshire Regiment
UNSWORTHJosephPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
WADSWORTHHPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
WADSWORTHJPte.The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster )
WADSWORTHJGnr.Royal Field Artillery (M.M.)
WAINWRIGHTJ WPte.The Manchester Regiment
WALKERC HPte.The South Wales Borderers
WALLAlbert WCpl.Corps of Royal Engineers
WALLSWilliamPte.The Lancashire Fusiliers
WALMESLEYJPte.The Manchester Regiment
WALMSLEYHL/Cpl.The Manchester Regiment
WALSHDL/Cpl.The Border Regiment
WARBURTONFredSgt.Royal Field Artillery
WARDLEE OPte.The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster )
WATERWORTHNPte.The King's Own Scottish Borderers
WATKINSONP EPte.The Manchester Regiment
WEIRJamesCpl.The South Lancashire Regiment
WESTHEADJPte.Grenadier Guards
WHALLEYJL/Cpl.The Manchester Regiment
WHALLEYRPte.The South Lancashire Regiment
WHEELEREL/Cpl.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
WHITTAKERJPte.The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
WHITTINGHAMF SPte.Canadian Infantry
WHITTLEF APte.The Manchester Regiment
WHITTLEWPte.The Royal Scots
WILCOCKA EPte.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
WILLIAMSAPte.The Hampshire Regiment
WILLIAMSCharlesL/Cpl.Dragoon Guards
WILLIAMSFrankPte.The Manchester Regiment
WILLIAMSHPte.The Royal Welch Fusiliers
WILLIAMSSPte.The Manchester Regiment
WILSONJPte.The Cheshire Regiment
WOODGeorgeGnr.Royal Field Artillery
WOODJosephPte.Royal Army Medical Corps
WOODRPte.Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
WOODSGerrardSig.Royal Field Artillery
WRIGHTRobertPte.The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
YATESCPte.Grenadier Guards
YATESThomasPte.The Royal Scots Fusiliers
YATESWilliamPte.The York & Lancaster Regiment
World War 2
ALDREDJamesO.S.Royal Navy
ALDREDJohn FMne.Royal Marines
ALDREDThomasA.B.Royal Navy
ANDERSONAlbertGnr.Royal Artillery
ANDERTONJamesA.C/2Royal Air Force
ANDERTONRobertPte.Royal Army Ordnance Corps
ASHTONWilliam TSgt.Royal Artillery
ASPINALLHarryF/Sgt.Royal Air Force
BATECharlesGnr.Royal Artillery
BAUGHAnniePte.Auxiliary Territorial Service
BAXTERJohnGnr.Royal Artillery
BELLFrederickW.O.Royal Air Force
BENTHAMHenrySgt.Royal Air Force
BOARDMANEricGnr.Royal Artillery
BURKEWilliamL/Stkr.Royal Navy
BUTTERWORTHJamesDvr.Royal Army Service Corps
CARNEYWilliamPte.The Welch Regiment
CHIVERSJosephL/Cpl.The Lancashire Fusiliers
CLEGGW ESgt/PilotRoyal Air Force
CLIFTJamesSto.Royal Navy
COLBERTEdwardSgt.Royal Air Force
COLCLOUGHClarenceSto.Royal Navy
COOKNormanTpr.Royal Armoured Corps
COTTAMRobertW.O.Royal Artillery
COWLEYJackDvr.Royal Army Service Corps
DAVIESCharles VSto.P.O.Royal Navy
DAVIESThomas SSgt./Pt.Royal Air Force
DENTONAlbertPte.The King's Royal Rifle Corps
EDGEWilliam PSgt.The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
EDWARDSErnestPte.The King's Regiment (Liverpool)
ELLISONJamesPte.Grenadier Guards
EVANSHarrySgm.Royal Corps of Signals
FISHERJosephGnr.Royal Artillery
FLEMINGJL.A.C.Royal Air Force
GILLHaroldSgt.The Cheshire Regiment
GREENOUGHJesse FPte.The Durham Light Infantry
GRIMEAlbertL/S.B.A.Royal Navy
GRIMEFrankP.S.M.The Manchester Regiment
GRUNDYFredP.O.Royal Air Force
HAMPSONJ DLIEUT.The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire)
HAMPSONJ HLieut.The South Staffordshire Regiment
HAMPSONMauriceF/Sgt.Royal Air Force
HARDMANNormanGnr.Royal Artillery
HARRISONJ EP.O.Royal Canadian Air Force
HIGHTONJamesA.C./1Royal Air Force
HOCKENHarold BA.C./2Royal Air Force
HODKINSONWPte.The Cheshire Regiment
HOLDENKenneth DF/Sgt.Royal Canadian Air Force
HOLDENWilliamPte.The Durham Light Infantry
HOLTHerbert CPte.The Manchester Regiment
HORRABINJTpr.Royal Armoured Corps
JONESJamesL.S.Royal Navy
KANEJ FA.C./2Royal Air Force
KNIGHTFredA./C.A.Royal Navy
LOVECyrilSgt.The Manchester Regiment
MANSLEYJohn KF/Sgt.Royal Air Force
MARSHFrankSto.Royal Navy
MARSHHaroldPte.The King's Regiment (Liverpool)
MAYWilliamPte.The King's Regiment (Liverpool)
MCNAMARAFrancis FMne.Royal Marines
MERGAFredPte.Army Catering Corps
MORRISWilfredPte.Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps
NICHOLSONEdmundPte.The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
NICHOLSONJohnGnr.Royal Armoured Corps
O'DONNELLJCpl.Irish Guards
OWENJackA.B.Royal Navy
PICKERINGMFus.The Lancashire Fusiliers
POMFRETFredA.B.Royal Navy
POWERJohnGnr.Royal Artillery
POWERP JCpl.Royal Army Service Corps
RHODENKF/Sgt.Royal Air Force
RINGArthurGnr.Royal Artillery
ROBERTSJamesFus.The Royal Welch Fusiliers
ROTHWELLEdwardStkr.P.O.Royal Navy
ROUGHLEYWPte.The Cheshire Regiment
RUSSELLCharlesF/Sgt.Royal Air Force
SCHOFIELDTomC.S.M.Reconnaissance Corps
SEDDONHughSpr.Corps of Royal Engineers
SHAWHarryC.S.M.The Lancashire Fusiliers
SHAWPeter AA.R.W.Civil Defence
SHONESPte.The Manchester Regiment
SIDLOWThomas WC.S.M.The Lancashire Fusiliers
SMALLRobertPte.Pioneer Corps
SMITHAlexanderS/Obs.Royal Air Force
SMITHDonaldL.A.C.Royal Air Force
SMITHNorman HL/Cpl.The East Lancashire Regiment
SPENCERAlbertSto.Royal Navy
STEWARTJackBdr.Royal Artillery
STEWARTJohnPte.Scots Guards
STOPFORTHWPte.Machine Gun Corps
SWINDELLWPte.The Manchester Regiment
THOMASONFrancis LQ.M.S.The Border Regiment
THOMASONPeter ASgt.Pioneer Corps
THOMPSONT WF/Sgt.Royal Air Force
THORPEAlbertL/Cpl.Royal Army Service Corps
TOZEH JSgt.Royal Air Force
TUNSTALLWalterSgt.Corps of Royal Engineers
TYRERJosephFus.The Lancashire Fusiliers
WALSHEdgarSgt.Corps of Royal Engineers
WARBURTONJohnGnr.Royal Artillery
WATKINSAlbert EDvr.Royal Army Service Corps
WEBLEYWilliam CF/Sgt.Royal Air Force
WEBSTERJamesFus.The Lancashire Fusiliers
WESTONCecil SSgt.Royal Air Force
WESTWELLVincentPte.The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment)
WESTWOODHenryFus.The Lancashire Fusiliers
WHITTLERobertSgt.Royal Air Force
WILCOCKCharlesP.O.Royal Air Force
WILKINSONJosephPte.The South Staffordshire Regiment

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