Stalybridge, St. Matthew's Church, Roll of Honour, WW1

Now located in Tameside Archives

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St. Matthew's Roll of Honour
Image Copyright: Joan Secker Wlodarczyk

Details of Names
Image Copyright: Joan Secker Wlodarczyk

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World War 1
ASHTONHDied June 31st 1918
BARKERWDied Oct 9th 1917
BRUCEHDied June 15th 1917
BUCKLEYADied Oct 22nd 1917
BUTTERWORTHJDied Novr 3rd 1918
CHADDERTONADied Oct 9th 1917
CHOULERTONLDied Feb 18th 1917
GREENWOODSDied Oct 26th 1917
HAMERWDied March 28th 1917
HAMMONDSADied Septr 2nd 1918
HARRISONHDied Aug 2nd 1917
HARROPSDied May 16th 1918
HILLHDied August 28th 1918
HOBSONJDied June 14th 1917
HOULDSWORTHODied Mar 21st 1918
MUTCHGDied April 7th 1918
SYKESPDied October 2nd 1918
THORPEHDied Septr 4th 1917
WHITEWDied July 31st 1917
WINDSORSDied July 1st 1916
WOODADied Septr 2nd 1916
WOODHEADHDied July 31st 1917

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