Dukinfield, St., Mark's Church, Church Street, Mens Class Roll of Honour, WW1

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St. Mark's Church, Dukinfield
Image Copyright: Mike Berrell

St Mark's Men's Class Roll of Honour
Image Copyright: Joan Secker Wlodarczyk

Detail of Names (Top)
Image Copyright: Joan Secker Wlodarczyk

Detail of Names (Bottom)
Image Copyright: Joan Secker Wlodarczyk

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World War 1
AIREYJamesRoyal Flying Corp
ALLMANWilliam6th Lancashire Fusiliers
ASHWORTHBertie9th Manchester Regt
AXFORDAlbert5th Manchester Regt
BAILEYAlbert9th Manchester Regt
BARLOWWilliam HRoyal Navy
BEARDWilliam15th Batt Australian Forces
BENSONSydney3rd Manchester Regt
BENTLEYPercy1st Cheshire Regt
BENYONJames9th Manchester Regt
BILSBURYHarold9th Manchester Regt
BROADBENTFred6th Cheshire Regt
BROCKLEHURSTGeo9th Manchester Regt
BROOMHEADArthurRoyal Air Force
BROOMHEADSydneyRoyal Army Med Corps
CHADDERTONJoseph9th Manchester Regt
CLARKEWalter21st Cheshire Regt
COOPERRaymondMerchant Navy
COPESydneyRoyal A Med Corps
COWSILLWalterRoyal Field Arty Died
CROWTHERErnest9th Manchester Regt
DAWSONGeoKings Royal Rifles Died
DAWSONHerbert9th Manchester Regt
DRURYHarold C51st South Wales Borderers
DRURYHenry6th Cheshire Regt
DUNBEVAN Frank7th Cheshire Regt
DUNBEVANDGeo9th Manchester Regt
EASTWOODWalter9th Manchester Regt
ELLORHarold9th Manchester Regt
EVERYPercy47th Cheshire Regt
FERGUSONJohnRotal Welsh Fusiliers
FINCHCornelius9th Manchester Regt Died
FITTONGeorge HRoyal Garrison Arty
FOULKESThomas3rd Cheshire Regt
GARLICKWilliam9th Manchester Regt
GARSIDEHerbert13th Cheshire Regt Died
GREENHALGHGilbert5th Royal Welsh Fusiliers
GREENHALGHHarold3rd Cheshire Regt
GREENHALGHHy9th Manchester Regt
HAGUEWilliamRoyal Engineers
HALLRalphRoyal Field Artillery
HALLRalph D9th Manchester Regt
HAMPSONS 9th Manchester Regt
HANSONFred9th Manchester Regt Died
HARROPEdward8th Manchester Regt
HARROPJohn9th Manchester Regt
HARTLEYRobt9th Manchester Regt
HARWOODWm9th Manchester Regt
HAYWARDGeoArmy Service Corps
HILLJames9th Manchester Regt
HILLJohn9th Manchester Regt
HILLWilfred9th Manchester Regt
HILTONHenryKings Own Lancs Regt
HOBSONThos12th Cheshire Regt
HOBSONWmRoyal A Cycle Corps
HOLLANDJohn51st Cheshire Regt
HOLMESJames7th E Lancs Regt
HOLTJames9th Manchester Regt
JOHNSONFrank2nd Cheshire Regt
JOHNSONFred4th Loyal Nth Lancashire Regt
JOHNSONHaroldArmy Service Corps
JUBBJohn9th Manchester Regt Died
KIRKHarry4th South Lancs Regt
KIRKHenry3rd Cheshire Regt
LEE Oscar1st Herefordshire Regt
LEECHSamuel10th Manchester Regt
LEECHWm9th Manchester Regt Died
LINDLEYHenryRoyal Artillery
LOYNDSHarold19th Man Service Bn Died
MADELEYFrank9th Manchester Regt
MORLEYHarold1st Royal Dragoons
MORLEYRobert J74th Canadian Inftry
MORTONTomRoyal Field Arty
NEWTONWalter12th Kings Liverpool Regt
OLDHAMJosephRoyal Garr Arty
PARKERClifford Royal Air Force
PARKERWm6th Cheshire Regt Died
PARKEYHarold25th Battn Manchester Regt
PARSONAGEStanleyRoyal Field Arty
POTTSWilliam196th Machine Gun Corps
PRESTONGeorge 23rd Manchester Service Battn
PRICEJohn4th South Lancashire Regt Died
RATCLIFFRatcliff9th Manchester Regt
REEVESAugustus ARoyal Army Medical Corps
RICHARDSONJohnRoyal Army Medl Corps
RIMMERJohn HRoyal Engineers
RUFFLEYCharles6th Cheshire Regt
RUFFLEYJames BArmy Service Corps
SALTERErnest6th Cheshire Regt Died
SALTERWalter9th Manchester Regt Died
SANKEYJohn9th Manchester Regt
SAXONWalterRoyal Garr Arty
SCAMBLERFred9th Manchester Regt
SEDDONChas GKings Liverpool Regt
SELBYAlbertRoyal Garrison Arty
SELBYSamuel5th Cheshire Regt
SHAWEdward ERoyal Garrison Arty
SKITTClifford IArmy Service Corps
SLATERFrank9th Manchester Regt Died
SLATERG H9th Manchester Regt Died
SMITHFredR A Medical Corps
SMITHHarry9th Manchester Regt
SMITHSamuel8th Essex Regiment
STANSFIELDNathan18th Lancs Fusiliers
STANSFIELDRobt17th Lancs Fusiliers
SUMNERAlvin9th Manchester Regt
SUMNERHarry9th Manchester Regt
TEMPESTWilliam9th Manchester Regt
THORNLEYGeo H9th Manchester Regt
THORNTONJohn9th Manchester Regt
THORPEDaniel9th Manchester Regt
UNDERWOODJ W6th Cheshire Regt
WAGSTAFFEAlfd9th Manchester Regt
WALKERWilliam23rd Kings Liverpool Regt
WALKERWm9th Manchester Regt
WHITEHEADFrank C3rd Cheshire Regt Died
WHITEHEADRalph9th Manchester Regt
WHITELEYThomas1st Monmouthshire Regt
WHITTAKERG Stanley51st Cheshire Regt
WHITTAKERNorman9th Manchester Regt
WILDJohn P9th Cheshire Regt Died
WILLIAMSWilliam3rd Cheshire Regt
WOODFrank12th Manchester Regt
WOODWalterRoyal Flying Corp
WOODWright19th M/cr Service Bn

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