Manchester, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Southern Cemetery, Memorial Wall, WW2

Includes three un-named soldiers

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WW2 Memorial Wall
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World War 2
ALEXANDERK A2nd LtO.B.L.I. ( Airborne ). Died 28/4/1942
ALLENP BF/Sgt ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 15/2/1945
ANDERSOND BCplThe Kings Regt. Died 15/10/1947
ARSTALLT RLACRoyal Air Force. Died 15/11/1945
ASHWORTHHP/O (NAV.)Royal Air Force. Died 17/2/1944 DFM
ATHERTONSFusLancashire Fusiliers. Died 1/12/1945
ATKINSONJ ACplRoyal Army Service Corps. Died 30/7/1946
AULDG SprRoyal Engineers. Died 16/6/1943
AYKROYDNSgt Co. of Lancaster Home Guard. Died 22/8/1942
BACKHOUSEP W SP/O ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 18/2/1946
BAKERS Volunteerco. of Lancaster Home Guard. Died 26/7/1940
BAKERT MGnrRoyal Artillery. Died 10/7/1945
BARNESW ASgt Army Catering Corps. Died 22/9/1947
BARRATTN JLtThe Manchester Regt. Died 11/5/1945
BARROWT Sgt Royal Air Force. Died 10/5/1946
BARTONC JSgt ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 10/6/1941
BELLW E PteRoyal Army Service Corps. Died 27/12/1945
BENTLEYR DvrRoyal Army Service Corps. Died 12/9/1942
BERRYRPteCo. of Lancaster Home Guard. Died 15/8/1943
BIRKETTJ F/O (A/B )Royal Air Force. Died 1/4/1944
BOURNEHCaptRoyal Engineers. Died 7/9/1944 MC
BRADBURYSLACRoyal Air Force. Died 10/10/1943
BRENTNALLA BF/O ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 29/3/1944
BROMLEYJ A BR.N. HMS Excellent. Died 10/2/1945
BROOKSEAir MechR.N. HMS Gosling. Died 21/4/1946
BROOKSJ McCF/O (A/B )Royal Air Force. Died 31/5/1944
BROWNJ W KAC2Royal Air Force. Died 28/8/1945
BROWNK WCraftsmanR.E.M.E. Died. Died 14/7/1947
BUCKLEYHLAC (UT/NAV.)Royal Air Force. Died 14/2/1943
BURNHOPES H CplThe Rifle Brigade. Died 21/11/1945 MM
BURROWHCplRoyal Army Service Corps. Died 16/10/1946
BUTTERWORTHJ D2nd LtLancashire Fusilliers. Died 24/11/1941
BUTTONF AVolunteerCo. of Lancaster Home Guard. Died 2/6/1941
CALDWELLW MAC2Royal Air Force. Died 12/9/1945
CAMPBELLC MarineRoyal Marines. Died 20/7/1945
CAMPIONHDvrRoyal Army Service Corps. Died 18/1/1943
CARRAGHERF D1st OfficerAir Transport Auxillary. Died 1/2/1941
CASEK P/O ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 6/5/1942
CHARLESWORTHD HPteSouth Lancshire Regt. Died 22/7/1943
CHILDSG LtRoyal Engineers. Died 23/8/1943
CHIVERTONM HLACRoyal Air Force. Died 26/8/1941
COOKC OSgt ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 30/9/1940
CROSSLEYRDvrRoyal Army Service Corps. Died 18/7/1944
DAVIDSONH JP/O ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 6/10/1942
DEAKINW RSprRoyal Engineers. Died 11/3/1941
DEANJ Sgt Co. of Lancaster Home Guard. Died 22/8/1942
DENNISW ABmdrRoyal Artillery. Died 22/1/1941
DICKINSONP EF/O Royal Air Force. Died 19/6/1944
DIPROSEF WPO StewardR.N. HMS Drake. Died 8/2/1946
DODDSEdnaLACWWomens Auxillary Air Force. Died 1/4/1944
DONBAVANDB GSgt (NAV.)Royal Air Force. Died 26/3/1943
DOUGHTYHSgt (WOP/AG)Royal Air Force. Died 12/4/1941
DOWNP GCplArmy Air Corps. Died 11/8/1946
DUNCANJ RP/O ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 5/6/1941
DUTTONAGnrRoyal Artillery. Died 13/8/1943
EASTWOODJ SprRoyal Engineers. Died 23/5/1941
EATONEDvrRoyal Engineers. Died 4/3/1946
ECKERSALLW SprRoyal Engineers. Died 22/5/1944
EDWARDSC NCplRoyal Army Medical Corps. Died 1/12/1944
EDWARDSH G SprRoyal Engineers. Died 3/11/1946
ELLORT GnrRoyal Artillery. Died 30/6/1947
ESSEXC PteRoyal Army Ordnance Corps. Died 1/3/1942
ETHELLF CF/Sgt (A/G)Royal Air Force. Died 24/7/1942
EVANSW GSgt (A/G)Royal Air Force. Died 7/1/1941
EYRESSgt (F/Eng)Royal Air Force. Died 3/11/1943
EYRESJ CL/CplThe Cheshire Regt. Died 29/7/1944
FARROWT SDvrRoyal Army Service Corps. Died 14/9/1945
FAULKNERW HLtRoyal Artillery. Died 1/6/1946
FISKA CF/Sgt ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 6/7/1942
FRANGLETONF L/CplRoyal Engineers. Died 21/1/1946
FULTONRLACRoyal Air Force. Died 8/8/1944
GARNETTW PteThe Queens Royal Regt. Died 9/9/1947
GATESR EL/CplRoyal Signals. Died 2/12/1940
GAWLERF PteRoyal Army Pay Corps. Died 25/9/1945
GERMANJ TF/Sgt Royal Air Force. Died 12/1946
GIBBONJ Sgt ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 18/12/1944
GILLN VLtCo. of Lancaster Home Guard. Died 23/8/1942
GILLBANKSG CplRoyal Air Force. Died 11/9/1947
GODDARDW VolunteerShropshire Home Guard. Died 21/9/1941
GOLDINGW GnrRoyal Artillery. Died 5/7/1946
GOODWINW LtRoyal Army Pay Corps. Died 1/8/1947
GREENA WPteRoyal Army Ordnance Corps. Died 16/8/1946
GREENW HGnrRoyal Artillery. Died 12/6/1947
GREENACREC PtePioneer Corps. Died 12/11/1945
GREENHALGHR ESgt (A/G)Royal Air Force. Died 29/9/1941
GREENHALGHW SDvrRoyal Army Service Corps. Died 6/5/1947
GREGORYC EPtePioneer Corps. Died 22/10/1944
GRIFFINA JPteRoyal Army Ordnance Corps. Died 1/1/1947
GRIMSHAWNPtePioneer Corps. Died 15/1/1944
HALLIDAYG MGnrRoyal Artillery. Died 17/5/1946 MM
HARDINGRPOR Adio MechR.N. HMS Eaglet. Died 28/9/1943
HARPERASignalmanRoyal Signals. Died 8/7/1946
HARRISONHSgt Border Regt ( Airborne ). Died 19/12/1941
HASWELLJ ASgt ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 31/7/1941
HAYTONJ HPteRoyal Army Medical Corps. Died 28/12/1942
HEALDJ L/SgtThe Loyal Regt. Died 20/9/1944
HEALEYHPteSouth Lancshire Regt. Died 28/4/1940
HENDERSONJ RF/Lt (PILOT)Royal Air Force. Died 16/8/1946
HEYWOODECoy. Omr. SgtPioneer Corps. Died 10/11/1944 MM
HIGHCOCKHSignalmanR.N. HMS Hussar. Died 5/2/1944
HOBSONR A DLACRoyal Air Force. Died 2/6/1940
HODCROFTEPteRoyal Warwick Regt. Died 9/6/1944
HOLMANC SprRoyal Engineers. Died 11/3/1941
HOLTMargaret BCplWomens Auxillary Air Force. Died 7/12/1945
HUGHESEGnrRoyal Artillery. Died 16/7/1940
HUGHESW CplRoyal Air Force. Died 25/8/1944
HUNTJ PF/O (PILOT)Royal Air Force. Died 16/11/1943
JACKSONM LACRoyal Air Force. Died 21/3/1943
JOHNSHSgt (WOP/AG)Royal Air Force. Died 1/6/1947
JOHNSONJ YLtPioneer Corps. Died 25/4/1946
JONESJ L/CplRoyal Engineers. Died 10/12/1943
JONESL CFusRoyal Welch Fus. Died 12/3/1947
KENNYH W/OffRoyal Air Force. Died 16/2/1947
KENTR RBmdrRoyal Artillery. Died 21/3/1941
KEOGHG MPteBorder Regt ( Airborne ). Died 19/12/1941
KERRYSPteRoyal Pioneer Corps. Died 19/9/1947
KERSHAWAP/O ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 19/3/1941
KERSHAWJ F/O ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 16/7/1940
KIRK H BLieut ColonelGeneral List. Died 14/8/1946
KIRKHAMW GSignalmanRoyal Signals. Died 18/6/1947
KIRKLANDW PtePioneer Corps. Died 13/10/1942
KIRKMANJ PLtIntelligence Corps. Died 14/1/1945
LAWSONK Sgt (Ut/Nav)Royal Air Force. Died 30/1/1943
LEEP RTprThe Kings Royal Hussars. Died 9/2/1946
LEEKJ EL/BmdrRoyal Artillery. Died 14/12/1946
LEWISF Leading AircraftmanRoyal Air Force. Died 31/1/1947
LEWISW E SprRoyal Engineers. Died 16/5/1944
LLOYDL HMajThe Monmouthshire Regt. Died 12/4/1940
LOMASA EF/Lt (PILOT)Royal Air Force. Died 1/2/1946 AFC
LOMASSGnrRoyal Artillery. Died 12/5/1946
LOMAXJ D2nd Engineer OfficerMV Cheshire. Died 22/9/1946
LOUDENG LACRoyal Air Force. Died 22/7/1946
LOWEYW HSgt (A/G)Royal Air Force. Died 30/3/1943
MACINTOSHA FABR.N. HM Submarine Supreme. Died 12/7/1945
MANBYJ Sgt ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 13/10/1941
MARSHALLL Sgt ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 21/8/1943
MATTHIASESgt Royal Artillery. Died 15/9/1945
MAXFIELDAP OR.N. HMS Glendower. Died 6/3/1942
McDONOUGHG AMajSouth Lancshire Regt. Died 18/2/1942
McKILLOPG LACRoyal Air Force. Died 7/11/1940
McMAHONADvrRoyal Engineers. Died 6/9/1946
McRITCHIEA GSgt Army Catering Corps. Died 10/9/1942
McWILLIAMC MPteArmy Air Corps. Died 8/11/1942
MEEKA HGnrRoyal Artillery. Died 1/3/1947
MEGGITTW KPO Moter MechR.N. HMS Drake. Died 18/12/1944
MERCERW TGnrRoyal Artillery. Died 9/1/1946
MILLINGTONP F/O ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 5/6/1943
MILLSAWSgt (A/G)Royal Air Force. Died 4/3/1944
MOOREELACRoyal Air Force. Died 1/5/1944
MOOREW D HAC1Royal Air Force. Died 5/1/1944
MOSELEYHDvrRoyal Engineers. Died 19/3/1946
MOSST HPteRoyal Army Ordnance Corps. Died 17/11/1943
MOUNTNEYD CPteThe Kings Regt. Died 19/9/1945
MUIRHEADR EPteRoyal Army Medical Corps. Died 22/12/1940 Grave Q-1242 Nonconformist Plot
NEILDE JFlying OfficerRoyal Air Force. Died 15/10/1944
NELSONACplRoyal Air Force. Died 22/5/1943
OLIVEL FusLancashire Fusiliers. Died 1/11/1944
PADENW A BR.N. HMS Kent. Died 7/5/1943
PARKERP CMajDurham Light Infantry. Died 29/1/1942 MC
PARKINSONF LDG Radio MechR.N. HMS Flycatcher. Died 27/8/1945
PEARSONJ GOfficer CadetRoyal Artillery. Died 2/4/1943
PEELM LSgt Royal Army Service Corps. Died 31/8/1947
PICKWELLC JLtR.N.V.R. HMS Victory IV. Died 12/10/1944
PINDERH BMarineRoyal Marines. Died 27/3/1945
PLACER RAC2 (F/Mech)Royal Air Force. Died 3/7/1941
POOLEA ES/SgtR.E.M.E. Died 3/8/1944
POWELLJ W TprRoyal Armoured Corps. Died 15/8/1944
PRICEF ML/CplDerbrshire Yeomanry RAC. Died 22/3/1942
PRICEP CFlying OfficerRoyal Air Force. Died 17/1/1943
PURKISH J JSick Berth PORoyal Navy. Died 21/4/1945
REIDSLAC (UT/OBS)Royal Air Force. Died 28/11/1941
RENSHAWW Gnr 2Royal Air Force. Died 28/7/1947
REYNOLDSKathleen MCplAuxillary Territorial Service. Died 23/10/1943
RICHARDSOND VWiremanR.N. HMS Baldur l. Died 26/11/1944
RICHARDSONT CplThe Manchester Regt. Died 22/3/1942
RICKARDR A F/O ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 20/5/1945
RIDGWAYMary GL/CplAuxillary Territorial Service. Died 16/9/1943
RIXG HLtRoyal Armoured Corps. Died 16/7/1946
ROBSONW PteRoyal Army Medical Corps. Died 23/6/1945
ROSCOEHDvrRoyal Engineers. Died 22/8/1946
ROSENWEIGM PteRoyal Army Medical Corps. Died 28/10/1945
ROUSER GSgt (WOP/AG)Royal Air Force. Died 30/1/1943
RUTTERJ VL/SgtQ.O.R.W.K. Regt. Died 19/12/1941
SAMUELA JORD SMNR.N. HMS Grey Shark. Died 27/7/1943
SANDIFORDJ GF/O ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 21/3/1944
SCAMMELLJ CSgt OBSRoyal Air Force. Died 2/10/1943
SCHOFIELDL Sgt Royal Air Force. Died 27/2/1946
SHARPLESG PteRoyal Army Ordnance Corps. Died 7/12/1942
SHAYHA C 2Royal Air Force. Died 19/3/1944
SHEPHERDHL/BmdrRoyal Artillery. Died 24/5/1940
SIDLOWHPtePioneer Corps. Died 27/4/1944 Grave M3988 Cof E plot
SMITHD WSgt (WOP)Royal Air Force. Died 21/12/1940
SPENCEASgt (F/Eng)Royal Air Force. Died 29/1/1944
SRIVASTAVANaresh KumarF/O Indian Air Force. Died 5/1/1944
STANDRINGJ PF/Sgt (NAV/W)Royal Air Force. Died 24/11/1942
STANFORDH ESgt Royal Army Bay Corps. Died 23/4/1945
STEERC LACRoyal Air Force. Died 6/4/1947
STEVENSW FDvrRoyal Army Service Corps. Died 27/1/1946
STEWART BROWNW SMajColdstream Guards. Died 28/7/1944 DSO
STRANGEN HPilot OfficerRoyal Air Force. Died 14/9/1940
SWEENEYJ Sgt (NAV.)Royal Air Force. Died 11/9/1942
TALBOTJ E4th Eng OfficerS.S. Manchester Port. Died 10/4/1945
TAYLORW Sgt Royal Air Force. Died 15/2/1946
THERKILDSENH E2nd LtGeneral List. Died 28/1/1942
THOMASW PtePioneer Corps. Died 24/10/1942
THOMPSONJ DSprRoyal Engineers. Died 10/1/1947
TONGERGnrRoyal Artillery. Died 6/4/1947
UNDERWOODF LACRoyal Air Force. Died 12/5/1943
WALKERG LtRoyal Army Pay Corps. Died 2/5/1943
WALKERR DDmrThe Cheshire Regt. Died 8/9/1940
WALLERP W.O.11 (ROMS)Royal Artillery. Died 19/2/1942
WALMSLEYK ESgt (A/G)Royal Air Force. Died 1/1/1944
WARBURTONHAC1Royal Air Force. Died 7/7/1942
WARDLEHDvrRoyal Army Service Corps. Died 25/8/1943
WATTSL CF/O ( Pilot )Royal Air Force. Died 31/8/1944
WELCHJ CaptRoyal Artillery. Died 11/9/1942
WESTONE CCaptRoyal Army Pay Corps. Died 23/12/1940
WHITEHEADK PteGeneral Service Corps. Died 11/3/1947
WIDDOPC SprRoyal Engineers. Died 8/10/1941
WILKINSONJ DvrRoyal Army Service Corps. Died 21/11/1947
WILLIAMSR E CSignalmanRoyal Signals. Died 22/11/1943
WILSONP GLAC (UT/NAV.)Royal Air Force. Died 17/5/1943
WILSONT SprRoyal Engineers. Died 10/12/1946
WOLSTENHOLMEE2nd Eng OffS.S. Ger-Y-Bryn. Died 6/5/1947
WOOLLISCROFTL CplRoyal Air Force. Died 22/11/1943
WRIGHTR C Aircraftman 1st CLRoyal Air Force. Died 10/12/1940
YATESP RPteIntelligence Corps. Died 18/9/1945

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