Project Details

Project Title: Manchester Genealogist
Project Description: To create an index to contents of The Manchester Genealogist from Vol1 Issue 1 to date for publication in the member area.
Project manager: John Marsden
Project Size (L/M/S): Medium
Project Status: Current
Project Started: 16 May 2017
Anticipated completion: 27 Dec 2020
Volunteer Requirement: Volunters Required. Indexing will be done online by members working from home.

26 Dec 2018At the end of 2018, 111 of the current 213 issues have been indexed.
08 Dec 2018107 of the present 213 issues have now been indexed
31 Oct 2018103 of the present 212 issues have now been indexed
16 Sep 201889 of the present 211 issues have now been indexed
21 Jul 201881 of the present 210 issues have now been indexed
13 Jul 201869 of the present 210 issues have now been indexed
06 Mar 2018Progress continues slowly with two volunteers having to drop out owing to personal circumstances. Currently 63 issues have been indexed.
13 Dec 201749 of the 209 issues have now been indexed.
30 Oct 2017There are now 12 volunteers signed up to work on the index. 37 issues have now been completed and a further 48 have been allocated out of a total of 208 issues.
25 Sep 2017Four more volunteers recruited and work in progress on volumes 41-45
16 Jul 2017Indexing of all issues in Volumes 30-40 completed or in progress.
19 Jun 2017Volunteers started on indexing several volumes.
23 May 2017Work is in hand to create an online indexing program.

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