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With the M&LFHS Genealogy toolbar, you are never more than a couple of clicks away from dozens of national and local family history web sites. The toolbar installs unobtrusively at the top of your browser window and will be updated automatically as we add new links.
MLFHS Toolbar
(Layout of the toolbar you download may differ from this example)

Please note that while MLFHS manages the content of the toolbar, the software platform which it uses is maintained as a free service by a third party supplier. MLFHS cannot guarantee that the toolbar will always work satisfactorily with all operating system/browser versions and experience tells us that support in the odd cases when a supposedly supported system fails to work is patchy at best.

There have also been some issues relating to the inclusion of advertising applications with the package in the past. Whilst we believe these to be benign, they may prove annoying. If this is the case, then we can only recommend that you uninstall the toolbar. We recommend that you reject all of the additional applications offered at the time of installation.

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System Requirements
(Not supported by Windows 95/98/Me)

Opera Browser
(Not yet available - an announcement will appear here if and when it is released)
Direct Access from your Browser
to over 700 genealogy sites
Easily Uninstalled Completely free
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from your toolbar
Regularly and
automatically updated
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  Indispensable for GB
& Irish Research
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PLEASE NOTE Version 5.1 is not supported
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