Information Base

The Manchester & Lancashire FHS Information base is intended to provide those researching ancestors in the Manchester area with useful information to help them with their research.

The information Base begins with a tutorial on Beginning UK Research. This provides a concise overview of this vast subject and for each of the principal sources discussed, there is a supporting page providing considerably more detail.

Although our Resource Centre holds a considerable amount of local material, researchers will undoubtedly have to contact other archives in the area. Useful Addresses provides contact details for many local archives, register offices and cemeteries & crematoria.

Occasionally, you may find it desirable to employ a locally based researcher. Several researchers advertise in our Journal and Researchers leads to a list of current advertisers. We do not recommend any specific researcher but would not carry details of any we believed to be unsatisfactory.

Those of you who are able to visit Clayton House may be interested in a listing of data on our library PCs and on CDROMs in the library. This can be found at Library Data on PCs. More recently added is a fairly primitive library catalogue which it is hoped will be improved at some future date.

Discovering where an ancestor was buried is a common problem. Manchester Graveyards lists many possible burial grounds in and around the city.

There is also some very practical information - where to park if you choose to visit Clayton House by car and a link to the Manchester hotel room page. We do not recommend any specific hotel.

We hope that you will find the information which is provided here useful in your research.

[Amended 8 April 2008 - John Marsden]