MLFHS Memorial Inscriptions

The search facility provides access to a database of memorial inscriptions relating to several burial grounds in Manchester, Salford and Bolton.

Entering a surname into the search box below should return a list of database entries relating to memorials containing that surname. If no details are returned, no memorials are listed. There are options for exact (letter perfect) matches and near matches as defined by Soundex codes. There is currently no facility to accept "wild card" characters in the surnames submitted.

You can optionally include a forename or the first letters of a forename e.g. 'Eliz' will return entries for Eliza and Elizabeth.

Please note that the Society is unable to provide non-members with any further information beyond that contained in the search results. MLFHS Members may access the complete transcription of the memorial.

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Amended 26 April 2019 - John Marsden