Manchester War Memorials

The Society is undertaking a project to create an index to the names appearing on all War Memorials in the Greater Manchester area. This index will be progressively developed as volunteer availability permits and the results made available as a free online database. The current version of the index covers over 1,000 memorials and includes more than 62,000 names. There are well in excess of 3,000 photographs. Where possible we have tried to include detailed photographs showing the names of those commemorated.

It should be noted that the information available on War Memorials can vary considerably. As a minimum, a surname and initial will be recorded but there may also be additional information such as forenames, rank, regiment and service number. Occasionally there will be details of medals and other awards, and very occasionally the date and place of death. Users of the database should recognise that the information supplied in the search results includes all details recorded on the memorial identified.

Whilst most of the memorials are still in situ where originally erected, some have been moved to new locations. The results listing will usually indicate where this is the case. There are now photographs available for more than half of the memorials. These can be seen by viewing the list of memorials and clicking on the camera icon alongside the memorial name. Where possible, there is also a link to the War Memorials Register (formerly the War Memorial Archive and originally the National Inventory of War Memorials) page for the memorial. This will often provide further information such as date of erection, name of architect etc.

In many cases, there is more information available about a memorial and those named on it. Where this is the case, there will be links to relevant web sites and/or the names of publications where more information can be found.

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How You Can Help

We welcome volunteers who are prepared to transcribe the names on memorials in their area. Please CONTACT US before you do anything though, as the work may already have been done and we would hate you to waste your time. The list which appears on the search page does not contain many memorials which are awaiting publication in the index. You can download a form HERE on which names can be transcribed. If you are prepared to type up the details, you can download a Microsoft WORD file HERE. You can add lines to the table on the form as necessary to accommodate further entries.

Amended 7 September 2018 - John Marsden