Manchester, Roll of Honour of the London & Manchester Staff of E. Hulton & Co Ltd

Now located at Printworks, Manchester

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E. Hulton WW1 Memorial
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World War 1
ALLISONEManchester Office Machine Department
ANDREWSHManchester Office Publishing Department
BAILEYC Manchester Office Gen. Printing Department
BAILEYHManchester Office Machine Department
BAILEYWLondon Office Publishing Department
BAILEYWManchester Office Publishing Department
BALLA Manchester Office Editorial Department
BARKERA Manchester Office Machine Department
BASSNETTTManchester Office Gen. Printing Department
BERRYD WLondon Office Engraving Department
BLUNDELLJLondon Office Publishing Department
BODDYJManchester Office Advertisement Department
BOYCEGLondon Office Photographic Department
BRADBURNGManchester Office Machine Department
BRADLEYGManchester Office Publishing Department
BRANCHHLondon Office Machine Department
BRITTAINL AManchester Office Publishing Department
BUTTJManchester Office Machine Department
CAMPBELLA Manchester Office Editorial Department
CENNINGSC SLondon Office Editorial Department
COLEC Manchester Office Machine Department
COLINSKYJLondon Office Engraving Department
COOPERHManchester Office Editorial Department
COOPERJ RManchester Office Composing Department
COOPERRManchester Office Machine Department
CORRIGANJManchester Office Machine Department
COSGROVEC Manchester Office Machine Department
COSGROVEJManchester Office Machine Department
COYLEJManchester Office Publishing Department
CURRANF Manchester Office Machine Department
DALBYRManchester Office Publishing Department
DAWSONC London Office Publishing Department
DENTC London Office Publishing Department
DENTONGLondon Office Publishing Department
DONNELLYEManchester Office Machine Department
EDWARDSRManchester Office Editorial Department
EVANSG MManchester Office Gen. Printing Department
EVANSWManchester Office Engraving Department
EYREJManchester Office Stereo Department
FAULKNERA Manchester Office Publishing Department
FEARNHManchester Office Publishing Department
FIELDSENDJManchester Office Machine Department
FINLOWF Manchester Office Engineer's Department
FLATLEYJManchester Office Machine Department
FORDA Manchester Office Machine Department
FOXJManchester Office Publishing Department
FROOMEA London Office Reading Department
GANNONGManchester Office Accountant's Department
GARNHAML HLondon Office Engraving Department
GODMANA TLondon Office Publishing Department
GOLDIEA Manchester Office Machine Department
GOODWINC WManchester Office Accountant's Department
GOULDENF Manchester Office Publishing Department
HALLJ WManchester Office Machine Department
HANDLEYB WManchester Office Editorial Department
HARGREAVESC WManchester Office Composing Department
HARRISRLondon Office Publishing Department
HAYWARDW SManchester Office Engraving Department
HEATONT EManchester Office Advertisement Department
HENSHALLJManchester Office Machine Department
HENSHALLT HManchester Office Publishing Department
HENSHAWA Manchester Office Publishing Department
HESSELGRAVEW GManchester Office Advertisement Department
HICKEYEManchester Office Machine Department
HOLMESEManchester Office Stereo Department
HOOLAHANJ AManchester Office Editorial Department
HOWARDC Manchester Office Machine Department
HULMEF Manchester Office Stereo Department
KEELINGGManchester Office Publishing Department
KNOTTA KManchester Office Publishing Department
LADDC WLondon Office Publishing Department
LANGTONRManchester Office Machine Department
LASTL RLondon Office Editorial Department
LAVINWManchester Office Editorial Department
LEDSTERWLondon Office Publishing Department
LEWIS A Manchester Office Machine Department
LINDSEYHManchester Office Cleaner's Department
LYNCHJManchester Office Machine Department
MACDONALDD HLondon Office Composing Department
MARRIOTTH JLondon Office Machine Department
MARTINA JLondon Office Photographic Department
McVITYJManchester Office Cleaner's Department
MILLSJManchester Office Machine Department
MOOREA Manchester Office Publishing Department
MOOREPManchester Office Publishing Department
MORRELLGLondon Office Works Department
MORRISAYA Manchester Office Publishing Department
MYCOCKA Manchester Office Publishing Department
NOTTF WLondon Office Accountant's Department
OWENJManchester Office Machine Department
PEARCEA London Office Cashier's Department
PICTORA Manchester Office Stereo Department
POTTSE TLondon Office Machine Department
QUINNJManchester Office Gen. Printing Department
QUIRKF Manchester Office Machine Department
RAFFERTYD LManchester Office Editorial Department
REIDTLondon Office Engraving Department
REYNOLDSA GLondon Office Composing Department
ROACHJManchester Office Stereo Department
ROBINSONF London Office Accountant's Department
ROYLEJ JManchester Office Publishing Department
RUSHTONF GLondon Office Editorial Department
SANDERSONA Manchester Office Machine Department
SKELHORNTManchester Office Publishing Department
SLACKG WManchester Office Publishing Department
SMITHHManchester Office Gen. Printing Department
SMITHHManchester Office Gen. Printing Department
SMYTHJLondon Office Engineer's Department
SPRIGGSWLondon Office Publishing Department
SUTTONHLondon Office Engraving Department
SWAINRLondon Office Publishing Department
TAYLORTManchester Office Gen. Printing Department
TERRELLG AManchester Office Advertisement Department
THORNTONWManchester Office Machine Department
TYLERL JLondon Office Editorial Department
VAUGHANHManchester Office Machine Department
WADEWLondon Office Publishing Department
WALKERELondon Office Accountant's Department
WEBSTERJManchester Office Publishing Department
WHITTLETManchester Office Machine Department
WILCOXGLondon Office Engraving Department
WILKINSONF Manchester Office Publishing Department
WILLIAMSH HManchester Office Gen. Printing Department
WILLIAMSVManchester Office Accountant's Department
WILSONTManchester Office Machine Department
WOODC Manchester Office Publishing Department
WOODJManchester Office Machine Department

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