In applying for and being accepted into membership of the Society, members implicitly accept the following conditions.

Name and Logo

The Society maintains Copyright of the Society's name and logo. Members representing the Society shall make sure that they are authorised to do so in respect of any representation undertaken.

No member shall, unless specifically authorised in advance and in writing:

(i) State or imply that the Society grants its approval or recommendation in respect of any product or service offered by the member.

(ii) Use the Society logo which consists of the initials "M&LFHS" surrounded by the representation of a Lancashire rose.


The Society maintains copyright in respect of all material published by the Society in whatever form. No member shall re-publish unless authorised in writing and in advance, whether in the original form or any other form, any material subject to the Society's copyright. This requirement shall not extend to the inclusion of small abstracts within other material but in such cases, the Society's copyright must be acknowledged.

Activities Damaging to the Society

Members shall not engage in any activity nor publish any material which is likely to prove damaging to the Society.

Use of Library

Members using the library at Clayton House will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner which does not impact upon the quiet enjoyment of facilities by other library users.

Members shall handle all library materials with reasonable care so as to avoid damage and excessive wear and tear.

Members shall at all times defer to instructions given by the library volunteers.

Theft of materials from the library will be regarded as a serious offence and the Society shall reserve the right to report any theft to the Police.

Communication within the Society

All members shall conduct communications with other members of the Society, whether written, electronic or verbal, in a polite and courteous manner.

Complaints and Grievances

Members with complaints or grievances against the Society or its Officers should address these, preferably in writing, to the Chairman at Clayton House.

Disciplinary Procedure

Members' attention is drawn to clause 4c of the Society's constitution which sets out the procedures which may be followed in the event of breaches of this Code of Conduct.

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[Created 1 January 2001 - John Marsden]