MLFHS 'Toolbar' Replacement

The menu on this page provides links to useful and popular family and local history web sites. This is a replacement for the MLFHS browser toolbar, which has encountered an increasing number of browser compatibility problems and which has also recently begun to include 'adware' which at the very least can be annoying to users. The society is no longer promoting the browser toolbar, though it will remain available, at least temporarily, for those who wish to continue to use it. It will not, however, be supported.

The menu bar, because it uses only standard HTML, should be compatible with all browsers (excepting Internet Explorer 6 and earlier versions) and because no file downloads or system installations are involved it will not produce any spurious virus alerts.

The menu bar, which appears above, is now fully populated with links transferred from the previous browser toolbar together with a substantial number of additions. The right hand 'Overseas' and 'Misc' menu buttons open two further menu pages. Some non-functional links have been removed, where replacements could not be found.

Unlike the old toolbar, this is not 'attached' to the browser but if you make it one of your browser's 'home' pages under its own 'tab' then it will always be a mouse click away.

This page will in the near future include a means to submit links for inclusion or to report broken links. In the meantime please use the Contact us form.