Our Policy on Cookies

Cookies are small files downloaded by a web site to a user computer. They may be used by web site designers for a variety of purposes, not all of which are benign.

MLFHS uses cookies very sparingly and only for purposes which deliver essential or desirable functionality. Our usage is as follows:

Session Cookies
These are used by pages within the member area to pass information between successive pages so that each page is able to identify that the member has logged in and to identify their member number (this is how we can personalise the welcome page). A session cookie is completely benign and is destroyed when the member logs out of the member area or when the browser is closed. Session cookies are essential to the operation of the member area.

Session cookies are also used by the MLFHS Online Bookshop for similar purposes to the above. They are, however, useful, rather than essential, to the satisfactory operation of the bookshop site.

First Party Cookies
These are used when logging into the member area to record the member's wish that his membership number is remembered and inserted into the login form on subsequent visits. The cookie simply records the membership number which is to be remembered. The cookie is set to expire 12 months from the time it was last set. Members may force the cookie to expire by unchecking the option box on the sign-in form.

Third Party Cookies
These are cookies which enable web sites other than MLFHS to obtain information relating to the user's browsing history. MLFHS does not, and will not support the use of third party cookies.

External Links
Members should note that the above policy only applies to the web domains directly operated by MLFHS and that MLFHS does not have any control over the use of cookies by any commercial, personal or governmental web sites to which its pages are linked.

John Marsden
28 May 2011