Transcriber Schedule

This page is posted for the benefit of members involved in the transcription of birth index data at Central Library in connection with the LancashireBMD indexing project.

Transcriber Timetable

The table below shows the names of transcribers currently booked against each available time-slot at Central Library and at Lloyd Street. Transcribers should please note that the changeover time from morning to afternoon slots is a strict 1pm unless specifically agreed otherwise between a morning and afternoon transcriber. Transcribers are also at liberty to exchange slots on a temporary or permanent basis by agreement but if the change will extend to more than one week, please advise John Marsden.

Day Morning Afternoon
Monday Julia Casciani (BOOK 14)

RC Indexing only [Cent Lib]

Carole Litster (BOOK-12)

Slot Available [Cent Lib]

Tuesday Ruth Walker (BOOK-12)

Linda Bailey [Cent Lib] (NEW)
Rosemary Haskayne [Cent Lib] (HUL) -  [Temp absent]

Ann Morris (BOOK15)

Evelyn McPherson [Cent Lib] (NEW)
Kath Stout (BLA)


Slot Available [Heron House]

Mark Campbell [Cent Lib] (NEW)
Slot Available [Cent Lib]

Slot Available [Heron House]

Kath Stout [Cent Lib] (BLA)
Rosemary Haskayne [Cent Lib] (HUL) [Temp absent]

Thursday Slot Available [Heron House]

Arlene Platt [Cent Lib] (HUL)
Slot available [Cent Lib]

Sue Fielding (BOOK-12)

Kath Stout [Cent Lib] (BLA) - Occasional sessions
Slot Available [Cent Lib]


Slot Available [Heron House]

RC Indexing only [Cent Lib]

Margaret Mahon (BOOK-12) - Possibly temp

Slot Available [Cent Lib]
Slot Available [Cent Lib]

Last Updated 4 March 2020