Project Details

Project Title: LancashireBMD - Manchester RO (Marriages)
Project Description: Indexing of Marriages at Manchester Register Office using on-site volunteers for publication on LancashireBMD web site.
Project manager: John Marsden
Project Size (L/M/S): Large
Project Status: Current
Project Started: 31 Dec 2002
Anticipated completion: 30 Jul 2013
Volunteer Requirement: No volunteers required

27 Apr 2016Birth indexing is now complete to about 1956. Indexing of mother's maiden name is completed 1915-c1950. Work is in hand at Central Library to index MMN for registers 1881-1914.
01 Jan 2016A total of 29,167 marriages was added to the online indexes during 2015.
20 Feb 2015Indexing of marriage registers now completed 1837-2010 and indexes now online. A final check for omissions and late-deposited registers to be completed before the project is closed.
06 Jan 2014Marriage indexing is now completed subject only to a final review of published data to ensure that no registers have been accidentally omitted.
08 Jul 2013Indexing of marriages is now virtually completed except for recently deposited registers.
08 May 2013The final registers have now been allocated to volunteers and data entry should be completed by the end of July 2013. Marriage indexes to circa 1966 are now on the web index.
29 Jan 2013At the end of 2012 the project was approaching completion with fewer than 100 register volumes to complete. Completion of all marriage indexing is expected to be completed by the end of June 2013.
29 Sep 2011Indexing of Church of England, authorised person and synagogue marriages substantially completed for all deposited registers. Work commenced on final series of register office registers 1939-present.
05 Mar 2010Data entry transferred to MS Access database and use of RSS system discontinued. RSS data exported and published to web site.

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