Project Details

Project Title: Manchester Grammar School Pupils and Masters
Project Description: To index the names of pupils and masters published in Register of Old Mancunians 1888-1951 and publish with scanned pages in member area.
Project manager: John Marsden
Project Size (L/M/S): Small
Project Status: Completed
Project Started: 20 Jun 2018
Anticipated completion: 29 Dec 2018
Volunteer Requirement: Will use existing volunteer team.

08 Dec 2018The index to pupils and images of full entries have been added to the miscellaneous database. The Preparatory School and Masters indexes and images remain to be added.
16 Sep 2018The completed index has now been checked.
13 Jul 2018It has proved possible to extract an improved index from the OCR conversion pdf file by processing the individual pupil entries. Indexes of those admitted 1888-1920 are now being checked and work is in hand to complete this for the remainder of the pupil listing. An index to the masters has been compiled and checked.
21 Jun 2018Permission obtained from MGS Archivist. Pupil index scanned and converted using OCR. Checking required. Masters listing out for indexing. Pupil details scanned 1888-1920.

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