Project Details

Project Title: Orphan BMD Certificates
Project Description: To scan and index the society collection of 'orphan' certificates sent in by members and to make these available in the miscellaneous database.
Project manager: John Marsden
Project Size (L/M/S): Small
Project Status: Current
Project Started: 29 Oct 2018
Anticipated completion: 30 May 2019
Volunteer Requirement: Volunteers with passcard access to Central Library welcomed

10 Jun 20195,264 certificates have now been scanned. About 370 are awaiting indexing. A small number of 'odd' sized certificates remain to be scanned.
28 Apr 20194949 certificates have been scanned and 4877 certificates have been indexed. There are now 6619 index entries (2 per marriage). With the completion of the 'backlog' of old certificates, the project is now entering a 'maintenance' phase where newly received certificates are scanned and indexed as necessary.
06 Apr 2019A total of 4,896 certificates have now been scanned, including virtually all of those previously indexed under the 'old' system. Indexing has been completed for a total of 1,727 marriages, 865 births and 2,162 deaths. Project completion is now imminent and indexing will become an ongoing process as new certificates are deposited.
16 Feb 2019A total of 2,977 certificates have now been scanned, including a start on those previously indexed under the 'old' system. Indexing has been completed for a total of 1,194 marriages and 786 deaths.
05 Feb 2019The majority of the 'new' certificates have now been scanned and scanning will now move on to the older ones which were indexed without images. Three more volunteers from the Help Desk added to the team so it is likely that we will soon have all scanned certificates indexed and the critical path will be to complete the scanning.
05 Dec 2018To date, 1,820 certificates have been scanned and 315 indexed. Given an anticipated indexing rate of 150-200 per week, the project to index the current collection should be completed in spring 2019.
26 Nov 2018Work has now started on indexing. Two volunteers have started and a further two will be starting in the near future.
01 Nov 2018Following pilot testing, scanning commenced. First 560 of estimated 3,000 certificates scanned.

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