Project Details

Project Title: Manchester School for the Deaf Admissions
Project Description: To scan and index the admission records of Manchester School for the Deaf (now the Seashell Trust).
Project manager: John Marsden
Project Size (L/M/S): Large
Project Status: Current
Project Started: 31 Oct 2018
Anticipated completion: 30 Dec 2020
Volunteer Requirement: Sufficient volunteers have been identified

05 May 2020Three further registers added bringing the total to 17 registers. This completes all work scanned pre-coronavirus lockdown. Work will re-commence when safe access to the Library is possible.
28 Jan 2020Four further registers have been completed and added to the miscellaneous database. A total of 13 registers have now been completed and 700 pupil records indexed.
24 Oct 2019Three of the registers from Archives have now been scanned and processed for online access. Indexing is in progress.
15 Aug 2019Scanning of material identified as satisfactory for scanning in conservator report has been agreed with Larysa Bolton and has commenced.
22 Jul 2019Indexes and images of all books received direct from Seashell trust are now online. Report received from conservator and now with Larysa Bolton for approval to scan those volumes which are deemed safe for scanning.
25 Jun 2019Indexes to four registers are now online. Transcription of the remaining three is partially completed.
10 Jun 2019All registers obtained from Seashell Trust have now been scanned. Indexing/checking of these is being concluded. An independent conservator has been engaged to examine the registers in Archives to report on suitability for scanning.
28 Apr 2019Two further volumes have been scanned and indexed. These are awaiting processing to go online.
03 Apr 2019The pilot volume and the first register 1916-19 are now online.
26 Nov 2018Pilot volume scanned and indexing in progress. This is not a register as such, but a report on the outcomes for former pupils 1826-c1875. Scanning of the registers deposited in Archives has been held up pending appointment of a conservator (whose agreement is needed before this can proceed). Several volumes not yet deposited have been handed over to us by Seashell Trust and these are now being scanned for indexing.

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