Project Details

Project Title: LancashireBMD - Manchester RO (Births)
Project Description: Indexing of births at Manchester Register Office from 1837 to present using home worker volunteers to index from images of manuscript index books and on-site volunteers to film index books and check data entered
Project manager: Liz Williamson
Project Size (L/M/S): Large
Project Status: Current
Project Started: 26 Dec 2009
Anticipated completion: 26 Dec 2019
Volunteer Requirement: Volunteers regularly required

26 Dec 2018Over 2018 a total of 100,153 new records has been added to the LancashireBMD online index
13 Jul 2018All transcription of indexes by home-working volunteers has now been completed. Checking will still take some considerable time.
05 Apr 2018Birth index entries to 1987 have now been added to the database
13 Dec 2017All indexing activity has now transferred to Central Library for the duration of building works at Lloyd Street (nominally 3 months). A total of 241,240 index entries were added during 2017.
25 Sep 2017Photographing of index books to c1997 is now completed and most have been transcribed by home indexers. Index c1997-2006 will be compiled from data previously entered on register Office RSS system (with checking). Home indexers will now be re-deployed on indexing of deaths.
22 Aug 2017Indexing is now complete to 1980 and data has been added to the LancashireBMD web site.
27 Mar 2017Indexing is now completed to mid-1969.
22 Dec 2016Over 2016 a total of 164,279 new records has been added to the LancashireBMD online index
20 Nov 2016Birth indexing now completed to 1965
15 Aug 2016Birth indexing is now complete to 1962
31 Dec 2015Indexing is now complete to 1953. Over 2015 a total of 144,054 new records has been added to the LancashireBMD online index (A further 30,615 are completed and pending online publication). Filming of index books for transcription has been completed to 1967.
09 Nov 2015Indexing is now complete to 1950.
20 Feb 2015Indexing of the combined sub-districts has now been completed to 1943
05 Jan 2015Indexing of the combined sub-districts has now been completed to 1939
24 Jun 2014All births up to 1936, when the boundaries were rearranged, have now been added to LancashireBMD. Work is ongoing from 1937 based on the combined annual indexes.
06 Jan 2014Work is ongoing with approaching 200,000 records indexed during 2013.
08 May 2013With the imminent completion of marriage indexing, volunteers will be reassigned to adding mother's maiden name to birth indexes where this detail has not previously been indexed.
15 May 2012Volunteers now working on indexing directly from registers, where the original index books are in too poor a condition to photograph. This work expected to take circa 6 months.
10 Jan 2012At the end of 2011, the total number of births indexed had just passed the 1 million mark. Indexing for the whole of the Manchester district is now almost completed to 1900.
13 Sep 2010All births registered in the old Chorlton Regiatration District (Ardwick, Hulme, Didsbury, Chorlton sub-districts) now indexed to c1900 and published online.

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