Project Details

Project Title: Oldham Churchyard Burials
Project Description: To transcribe and publish the filmed registers held at Oldham Local Studies and Archives
Project manager: Rod Melton
Project Size (L/M/S): Large
Project Status: Completed
Project Started: 30 Dec 1999
Anticipated completion: 30 Dec 2014
Volunteer Requirement: Volunteers Not required at this time

27 Apr 2017The Project is now complete
23 May 2016This Project is now complete and published on the webpage
02 Feb 2016Holy Trinity Bardsley Burials passed for publication
04 Jan 2016All Saints Burials are in the final stages of checking.
17 May 2015Most churchyard burial are now in the members area. Some of the All Saints Newton Heath burials are still in the checking process. All saints Baptism are being prepared for transcription
20 Sep 2012Chadderton St Mathews Baptism's 1845 to 1944. Out for transcription.
20 Sep 2012St Luke Chadderton Baptism register 1875 to send for transcription.
20 Sep 2012St Margaret Hollinwood Baptism registers 1790 to 1904 under Transcription.
04 May 2010St Thomas, Leesfield transcribed 1972 to 1996, awaiting Checking
04 May 2010All Saints Newton Heath out for transcription
04 May 2010Holy Trinity, Bardsley out to transcriber
04 May 2010St Paul's Shaw Weslyan Trnscription in progress
04 May 2010St James Barry St Hand Transcribed, typing in progress
04 May 2010St Chad's Saddleworth,1613 to 1751 ready to begin transcription
04 May 2010St Chad's Saddleworth,1751 to 1800 transcription begun
04 May 2010Holy Trinity, Bardsley, 16/3/1864 to 22/6/1869 transcription completed, awaiting checking
04 May 2010Greenacres Ind Methodist, 1729 to 1816 under transcription
04 May 2010Greenacres Ind Methodist, 1817 to 1886 under transcription
16 Mar 2010St Anne's, Lydgate, transcribed awaiting Checking
16 Apr 2009Chadderton St. Mathews transcribed 1890 to 1947, Passed for publication

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