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Project Title: MLFHS Explorers
Project Description: The MLFHS Explorers is a new initiative that has been set up by the Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society in an attempt to encourage children and young people to discover their family history and to promote an interest in the Society. Our aim is not only to raise an awareness in family history and genealogy but to offer guidance, supervision, support, research strategies and techniques in order to achieve this. We will be offering a series of events, workshops and a Jr Help Desk in order to achieve this.
Project manager: Leslie Turner
Project Size (L/M/S): Medium
Project Status: Current
Project Started: 15 Mar 2012
Anticipated completion: 31 Dec 2020
Volunteer Requirement: Volunteers are always welcome

19 Apr 2018Currently nothing to report
30 Dec 2017The Explorer team was contacted in late 2017 by the Manchester Regiment with regard to working on a project between themselves and Manchester City Council in order to commemorate the centenary of the defence of Manchester Hill. The Manchester Hill project proposed to engage with primary school across Manchester. In order to assist with this project the team has created a Manchester Hill section within the Explorer website. There are a number of informative powerpoints and challenges for students to freely engage with. These are available to anyone and not just those participating within the Manchester area. We continue to receive positive feedback about the website and the information contained within the site. We also continue to be available to our partners members and other organisations as and when requested to assist with family history related projects which include young people.
01 Jan 2017Members of the Explorer team will have the opportunity once again to visit Bolton School (Boys Division) during January and February. We will be delivering a Family Tree workshop including guidance on Ancestry. We will also be bringing along original archival material for the students to examine. In general, our website with challenges for young people remains available to those interested. We will also be working with our partner members in 2017 as & when requested on family history related projects which include young people.
22 Aug 2016Status Quo. Members from the Explorer team will be involved with Archives + during their Saturday Spectacular on Sept 17 2016. Theme: 'All about Me'. We will be contributing a family history themed activity.
30 Jan 2016Members of the Explorer team had the opportunity to visit Bolton Grammar School (Boys Division) twice at the beginning of 2016. We delivered a Family Tree workshop with guidance on the use of Ancestry. Students were also able to discuss one to one with team members any queries they encountered whilst putting together their own family trees.
04 Nov 2015Currently nothing further to report.
07 May 2015A quiet start to the year for the Explorer team 1. Members of the MLFHS Explorer team paid a visit to MMHS in February to moderate and critique Year 8 students on their ‘My World Family Tree’ project. The Explorer team have been involved with this project since the end of last year.2. Website and challenges remain unchanged.
03 Sep 20141.MLFHS Explorer website has been modified 2. Several successful WW1 related workshops have been held in conjunction with the Friends of Clayton Hall. These will continue when required 3. Talks have been held with Manchester College whereby volunteers will work with young people on a WW1 related project in October 4.The MLFHS Explorer team will visit MMHS again this year to help their Year 8 students with their ‘My World Family Tree’ project. 5. Assistance has given to the Archives + team with various school & community related projects.
09 Dec 2013 1. We have had meetings with the the newly appointed Archives + Education officer in order to explore how we can best work together on project(s) that involve young people. Several possible projects have been identified. 2. DBS checked have been completed for committee members. 3.Promotional leaflets have been designed and printed. 4.Over the course of the year, we have contacted various organisations in order to promote the Explorers and see how we can work together in the future. Talks continue. 5. Members of the Explorers team attended the Blackburn Family History fair on September 15th. We had challenges and guidance available for young people who wished to start their family history and were able to promote the Explorers to those attending the fair. 6.Links have been formed with the Friends of Clayton Hall. A workshop has been devised to do with the upcoming anniversary of WW1 and two trial sessions have been held at Clayton Hall in November with students from two local schools. 7. Discussions have been held with Lanc.Family History Society & Hearldry Soceity with regard to a joint venture which will engage young people in family history. Talks continue.

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