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Project Title: Manchester Memorial Inscriptions
Project Description: To scan the various Memorial Inscriptions databases held by MLFHS and incorporate into one searchable on-line database.
Project manager: John Evans
Project Size (L/M/S): Medium
Project Status: Current
Project Started: 30 Dec 2012
Anticipated completion: 30 Dec 2014
Volunteer Requirement:

27 Jan 2019Transcriptions and indexes for four more cemeteries added to the database, including Sale, Brooklands Cemetery.
30 Oct 2018Transcripts and index for the Mount Street and Jacksons Row Quaker burial grounds and for the Cathedral (taken from an 1834 publication) have been added to the online database.
14 Dec 2017Of the 31 Grave Yards taken over by Manchester Corporation 23are finished, 2 have still to be scanned. The ones still to be done are the big ones with over 5000 graves in 2 cases. We are also doing some scanning for FHS Cheshire. These we have tentative permission to load to our web site.
10 Aug 2017Of the Grave Yards taken over by M/C Corporation & cleared 8 are completed. About 8 have still to be scanned. There are about 30 in total
15 Apr 2017All the Fiche have been finished. There are still problems getting other Soc to allow us to load MIs originally done by them That dialogue is on going. In the mean time records of 32 Grave Yards taken over by M/C Council and recorded by them before clearing has been found. 3 have been scanned and the 1st is being digitized
22 Dec 2016At the end of 2016 a total of 82,412 memorials have been added to the member area relating to 610 graveyards. The total number of name index entries is 302,101.
16 Dec 2016By the end of December 2016 all the fiche will have been scanned. That will leave about 15 to be finished. Some just to be indexed but most to be typed and indexed. We have discovered that the Central Library have a number of MIs. It is difficult to get a clear statement as to what as their indexing system doesn't include 'Memorial Inscription' This has still to be explore. je
20 Nov 2016Data added to member area database for 22 transcriptions for which the copyright cannot be determined. Totaling 8,840 memorials and 23,682 names.
29 Aug 2016Data for most of the Lancashire graveyards now added to the database. Some remaining data sets are awaiting clarification of copyright permissions.
27 Apr 2016MIs and indexes for all Manchester burial grounds scanned from printed originals now in member area index.
13 Jul 2014paper versions for Lancs Cheshire & Manchester complete ex 2 .Fiche copies lots to be done. 200 Grave yards ready to load to web site
23 Jun 2014Data for the 20 graveyards in Bolton has been added to the member area database.

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