Project Details

Project Title: OWEN Journals
Project Description: Those Owens Journals with MIs to be Photographed (from the books) Edited and Digitized Then fully indexed by name.
Project manager: John Evans
Project Size (L/M/S): Medium
Project Status: Completed
Project Started: 04 Jul 2014
Anticipated completion: 22 Jul 2016
Volunteer Requirement: None

24 Jan 2017The separate John Owen diary, which had been scanned and transcribed some time ago, has now been added to the miscellaneous database with links to the transcribed copy and to images of the diary pages.
17 Jan 2017Upload of all scanned images and indexes to member area completed. (JBM)
02 Jan 2017Work has commenced on transferring the data to the member area database. Data for Books 10, 13, 14 & 19 completed (JBM)
22 Jul 2016All the Typing and Indexing is finished . The work has still to be passed on to John Marsden & the Central Library people
20 Apr 2016There are 3 books still to be done. two of those are more than half done. If things continue as now it should be finished by July 2016
01 Jan 2016As of today 20 of the 29 Journals have been completed. In 2016 we need to get more persons to type john e
15 Jul 201529 Journals have been scanned & edited Of these 12 Journals have been typed and indexed

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