Project Details

Project Title: Swinton Industrial School Discharges
Project Description: A number of entries from these registers covering circa 1846-1920 were abstracted some years ago by George Dawes. Scanned copies of George's manuscript to be transcribed to spreadsheets and the index published as a member area resource.
Project manager: John Marsden
Project Size (L/M/S): Small
Project Status: Published
Project Started: 29 Jun 2014
Anticipated completion: 29 Dec 2014
Volunteer Requirement:

20 Oct 2014Transcription completed. Index now in member area
28 Aug 2014Remaining transcripts J-Z put out to transcribers. Six of the ten batches now completed.
01 Aug 2014Transcript scanned for surnames A-I and distributed as 5 batches to transcribers.

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