Project Details

Project Title: MLFHS - Resource Management System - formerly Library Catalogue
Project Description: To list all media held by the society for use of its members at Manchester Central Library. The list to be maintained on a searchable database available in the Members' Area of the society website.
Project manager: David Muil
Project Size (L/M/S): Medium
Project Status: Completed
Project Started: 26 Jul 2014
Anticipated completion: 29 Dec 2017
Volunteer Requirement: No additional volunteers required at this time

27 Nov 2018In the early part of September the new search system was uploaded to the Member Area and is now fully operative. Thanks are due to Michael Ball and Mark Campbell for the work needed to complete the task.
15 Apr 2018Further work to install the Search System will follow when ongoing I.T. projects have been completed. Michael Ball and Mark Campbell will timetable the work when a convenient slot becomes available.
22 Aug 2017Recent contact with Lynne Sutton about a completion date for indexing remaining micro-fiches holdings - now said to be end August. Meantime, Michael Ball raises questions about the valid fields necessary for merging CD and Micro-fiches data into the existing Resource Management Search system.
15 Apr 2017Work continues to complete the indexing of the remaining microfiches holdings. Uploading of all outstanding data will begin later this month.
30 Jan 2017Three boxes of microfiches[Scotland I.G.I. and Ireland I.G.I] have now been indexed and returned to lockable cabinet 3 in Archives+. The data will now be uploaded to the RMS database. Work continues to index a further three boxes of fiches [Scotland Old Kirk parish registers].
22 Nov 2016The database containing society book holdings is now in use by the Help Desk Teams on a daily basis in Archives+. In due course the system will be uploaded to the member area thus allowing searches to be performed online at home. Work continues to add society CD and fiches holdings to the database. The daily management of the system is now in the hands of the librarians supported by Michael Ball
28 Apr 2016The original project has been extended to include media besides books. Accordingly the project has been renamed and given a revised anticipated completion date. Lists of CDs and micro-fiches are being compiled to be added to the RMS database being developed by Michael Ball. Reshelving of books, CDs and fiches is ongoing. Some large volumes are being transferred to smaller ring-pull binders and the shelves are being clearly labelled for their contents. The use of bookends is improving the overall display.
16 Dec 2015The completed spreadsheet has now been passed on for conversion into a searchable database to be uploaded to the members' area in due course.
21 Sep 2015All 840 books have now been indexed. Following work yesterday there are now only 14 books to be located and checked and about 600 to have their security tags activated.
28 Aug 2015All 912 books have now been indexed, bar coded and security tagged. Data checks have been performed for 550 of these. Security tags will need activating once a full data check has been performed. Project is on course for delivering a complete spreadsheet for conversion to a searchable database by the end of September.
25 Jun 2015611 books out of 912 have now been indexed, bar-coded and security labelled; 203 entries have been checked
10 May 2015475 books out of an estimated 900 have now been indexed, bar-coded and security-labelled; 103 books have been checked for accuracy of data input; other books have been sorted for indexing next session.
06 May 2015443 books of about 900 have now been indexed, labelled and bar-coded - checking of input is taking place, 100 checked so far - team now comprises 4 volunteers. Project end date of Nov 2015 still achievable

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