Project Details

Project Title: The Authentic Map Directory of South Lancashire 1934
Project Description: Scanning 184 map pages and OCR of the 75 page Index; checking the OCR'd indexes (containing circa 45,000 locations) by volunteers in preparation for including the Directory in the Members' area.
Project manager: Ray Hulley
Project Size (L/M/S): Large
Project Status: Published
Project Started: 29 Apr 2015
Anticipated completion: 30 Aug 2015
Volunteer Requirement: Up to 20 volunteers

01 Jan 2016The index and maps are now available in the member area. Additional work was undertaken by Chris Willis to provide direct links between map pages and the maps updated accordingly. Chris is currently working on a map index page to allow individual pages to be directly accessed from an overall map.
29 Nov 2015A composite index has been compiled and a number of residual OCR errors resolved. Search program developed and the first 50 of the maps processed and tested with the search program. Conversion of the remaining maps to be completed before release to members.
26 Jul 2015The second stage of the Authentic Map Directory project has been completed by volunteers who have edited the 38 pages of street indexes containing c 45,000 street names following their OCR. My grateful thanks go to the following members who assisted in this work: Sharon Barbarez; Lesley Baxendale; David Birkmire; Trevor James; Joseph Hilditch; Laura Lowsley; Helen Mulligan; Mildred Nasmith; Linda Whitaker. The pages have been passed to John Marsden for the next stage in the project.
11 Jul 2015The first stage of this project has been completed and the index entries on 75 pages will now be final-checked against the original index.

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