Project Details

Project Title: Members' Family History Files
Project Description: The scanning of Family History files deposited by members held in boxes in Archives+ Search Room and on the shelves of the Members' Library. Editing and indexing of the results, which are to be published in a searchable database in the society's Members' Area.
Project manager: David Muil
Project Size (L/M/S): Medium
Project Status: Current
Project Started: 05 Oct 2015
Anticipated completion: 31 Dec 2016
Volunteer Requirement: Minimum of 2 volunteers

22 Aug 2017Following discussions with John Marsden about the design of a search program, work has begun to make the alterations necessary to file and field names before offering the spreadsheets for uploading to the system.
22 Nov 2016All files currently held have now been scanned - editing continues and indexing work will begin shortly. Meanwhile additional files are being recieved and these will need to be scanned in due course.
28 Apr 2016Work has begun to scan some of the 100 family histories stored in the lockable cabinets.
01 Mar 2016Files from all 11 boxes have been scanned yielding 340 pdf files. Work now goes on to edit the scanned images for quality and to redact material which might infringe copyright or DPA law.
16 Dec 2015The contents of Box 5 of 11 have now been scanned. The files now require editing and preparing for uploading to the members' area.

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