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Project Title: Henshaws Reports
Project Description: Scanning of Henshaws' reports 1837-2016 and creation of a name index. Reports and index to appear on Henshaws' web site and copy of index on MLFHS site. Particularly valuable are reports 1837-1939 which include names of pupils enrolled in the former school for the blind.
Project manager: John Marsden
Project Size (L/M/S): Medium
Project Status: Current
Project Started: 12 Aug 2016
Anticipated completion: 29 Dec 2017
Volunteer Requirement: No further volunteers required

04 Jan 2020A list of 1,217 officers and trustees 1840-1940 has been completed and added to the miscellaneous database. Work is now in progress to index the donors to the Asylum for the same period. This will be the final index to complete the project.
19 Dec 2019A list of 1,700 subscribers to Henshaws has been added to the Miscellaneous Database. Work on officers and trustees is now complete to 1930 with a target of 1940.
15 Aug 2019An index to miscellaneous entries 1840-1940 has been completed and uploaded to the miscellaneous database. Work is ongoing to compile indexes of subscribers and officers.
25 Jun 2019Work is in hand to index the miscellaneous names which appear in the body of the reports. This is currently complete 1840-85 and will be extended to c1930 (100 year closure on children who would have been at least 10 years old). Subscribers have been indexed 1840-1916 (about 600 names) and this will be continued to 1940 (100 year closure on adults who would be aged at least 20). An index of trustees and officers will be compiled when the above is completed.
28 May 2019Work has started on compiling an index of subscribers.
23 May 2017Inmates 1904-1915 and pupils 1932-1938 have been completed and added to the member area miscellaneous database. This completes all listings of inmates/pupils which appear in the annual reports. Further work is required to complete the index of names of donors/benefactors and other names which appear.
15 Apr 2017Inmate lists up to 1903 have now been completed and published in the general database in the member area. Samples of general name indexes for 1840-1841 have also been added.
26 Jan 2017A decision has been taken to prioritise the listings of inmates so as to arrive at a comprehensive listing as a first deliverable. To this end, volunteers have been allocated work and transcription is in progress. A small problem has been identified in the scans of pages where the book is tightly bound, causing the loss of the last entry in the listing. A mop-up exercise will follow the transcription to fill in any gaps from the original books.
22 Dec 2016Now agreed that indexing will be managed by Geoff Haslam. Pro-forma for indexes now agreed and a number of possible home-workers identified. Indexing will commence early 2017.
10 Nov 2016Scanning of all reports 1837-2015 completed.
24 Aug 2016Scanning of reports complete 1904-2013
14 Aug 2016Scanning of reports commenced.

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