Project Details

Project Title: Miscellaneous Small Projects
Project Description: Conversion of a large number of small name lists for inclusion in the Miscellaneous Database in the member area. This project will be on-going as additional small datasets are identified
Project manager: John Marsden
Project Size (L/M/S): Medium
Project Status: Current
Project Started: 30 Aug 2017
Anticipated completion: 30 Dec 2025
Volunteer Requirement: None currently

03 Jul 2019Added 1,589 records taken from Lancashire Biographies (1917) together with scans of the original book.
29 May 2019Added details of remains removed from St. Matthew, Campfield to miscellaneous database (from a document provided by Rd Baines).
29 Apr 2018Added 678 records for pupils and staff of Hulme Grammar School serving in forces in WW1 from Hulmeian magazine 1914-1917.
09 Apr 2018Added 255 records taken from a history of Manchester Central High School for Boys containing names of Masters 1904-1950, former pupils killed in WW2 and former pupils awarded for gallantry in WW1.
02 Jan 2018Added 1,520 records of Salford Motor Vehicle Registrations to the Miscellaneous Database.
28 Dec 2017Added a scanned copy of The Royal Family of Scotland (published 1739), scanned by Mark Campbell, to the Scottish resources section of the member area.
18 Dec 2017Added further records for 1911 Manchester trade Directory; Added Bolton Grammar School Pupils index.
14 Dec 2017A number of small data sets have been added to the Miscellaneous Database. The database now contains 305,504 name records.
06 Oct 2017Added Names extracted mostly from Parliamentary Papers and published in 'Pictures of the Revolution' E Royston Pike's Human Documents of the Industrial Revolution in Britain [1966 George Allen and Unwin]. First published in Manchester Genealogist Volume 26, Issue 1 (1990). (59 records) to Miscellaneous Database.
03 Oct 2017Added Names and details of children apprenticed by Chelsea workhouse to William Douglas (spinner of cotton twist and weft) of Pendleton 1795-7. First published in Manchester Genealogist Volume 25, Issue 4 (1989). (31 records) to Miscellaneous Database. Also added Names taken from Sketches of Local Musicians and Musical Societies by William Millington and printed by Pendlebury and Swinton Journal in 1884. The book gives an account of each person's musical abilities, occupation etc. Frirst published in Manchester Genealogist Volume 26, Issue 1 (1990). (127 records)
02 Oct 2017Added Names, some with ages and marital status, of those killed in the explosion at Clifton Hall Colliery, Pendlebury, on 18 June 1885. First published in Manchester Genealogist Volume 19, Issue 1 (1983) to Miscellaneous Database. Also added Ministers of the Dukinfield Moravian Church 1740-1946. First published in Manchester Genealogist Volume 19, Issue 1 (1983. (43 records). Also added Obituaries taken from 'Old South-East Lancashire', a genealogical magazine, vol.1. March 1880, No3. Short notices of deaths of old persons connected with the Hundred of Salford, who had attained at least the seventieth year of their age. First published in Manchester Genealogist Volume 27, Issue 2 (1991). (62 records)
28 Sep 2017Added Longsight Wesleyan Methodist Church and Sunday School Roll of Honour 1918 and Manchester Quakers 1831 to Miscellaneous Database. Both lists first published in Manchester Genealogist 23/4.
28 Sep 2017Added Alverstoke, Hampshire, Pauper Children Apprenticed to Manchester Cotton Mills in 1791 to Miscellaneous Database.
27 Sep 2017Added Bolton, Latimer St. Baptisms 1849-54 and Bolton Light Horse Muster Roll 1805 to Miscellaneous Database.
27 Sep 2017Added transcripts of In Memoriam cards, first published in the Manchester Genealogist, to the Miscellaneous Database.
25 Sep 2017Added names of former pupils of Oldham Secondary School serving in HM Forces during WW1 from 1915 school magazine.

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